August Favourites

September. Bring out the fairy lights and berry lips because BAM autumn is on its way! Yes yes yes, my favourite season! But anyway today I’m saying adios to summer (kind of not really) with my August favourites because, what?? August is over. Pinch punch first of the month. August was actually a really good month, it’s the only month of the year where I don’t have any school so I’ve probably spent more time sleeping than I have awake…whoops. But I had a really fun time on the boat and with family and hanging out with friends and just having a really relaxing time. And I love having more time to spend on my blog. But lets get on with the favourites…

Sleek I-Divine Palette in Storm

I actually found it really hard to think of makeup favourites for this post because I spoke about that kind of in my 5 minute face look which was basically my everyday makeup look for the end of July and beginning of August. Other than that basically the only other makeup look I have been using is this eyeshadow palette. I’ve started using the Maybelline Colour Tattoo alot but that was only in the last few days of the month so its not really an August favourite. I’ve mainly been using this for the brown shades, its such an incedibly pigmented palettes and the two matte browns mixed together make the PERFECT crease and outer corner shade. I also love love love the golden shade on the far left – beautiful. If I’m honest apart from the matte brown, I don’t use the bottom row that often but now its coming into autumn I can tell I will be, especially that shimmery brown on the left, oooh yes! The cranberry is a solid favourite in the colder months too. Kinda have my eye on the Oh so Special palette next.

Sports Bras

Wow, I never thought the day would come where I, the queen of laziness, would be including a sports bra in a favourites post. Apparently I was wrong though. I’m not going to talk too much about this or link it or anything because TMI but OMG if you do exercise you need this in your life, it makes running so so so much easier and more comfortable.

Jungle Shorts

Every time I went into any shop this summer I kept telling myself you need new shorts Ellie, you need new shorts. But I never bought any, sorry. I was just too obsessed with this beautiful pair from New Look last year. They aren’t the easiest to style but they definitely aren’t the hardest either (here’s one way I did style them), I find myself going back to the same tops again and again to wear with it but any outfit looks so cute with these shorts. They are amazingly comfy, not too short and just everything you can need in a pair of shorts. I barely wore denim shorts this summer, these just won every time, ask anyone I know. Also, I hunted around the internet and this is the closest I could find 😦

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I love wearing face masks, they always seem to make my skin feel amazing and theres something really satisfying about applying it, spending 15 or 20 minutes just chilling, and then taking it off to very soft skin. Someone explain the magic? This isn’t your average face mask, I didn’t even know you could use it as a face mask until recently but theres actually two options with it: apply a thin layer to your face without rubbing in and apply makeup immediately, or apply a thick layer like a mask. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. I always forget and end up having it on my face for more like half an hour but still, its the same in the end. It claims to energise and sooth and I would agree with that, it doesn’t do anything particular to my skin but it makes it feel much more awake, moisturised and smooth. I should probably invest in a proper face mask but this does the job for now. And I’ve been loving it alot.

My iPad Mini

Bit of an odd favourite, I know, but I had got to a stage when I started using my iPad as just a cinema where I was constantly watching YouTube or Netflix but I feel like this summer  I’ve rediscovered it and it actually has so many more uses than that. Likeee, playing the game that is my next favourite, and writing blog posts, and scrolling through twitter. Oh, and don’t forget online shopping. It is so useful and amazing though so I’m really glad I started using it again for things other than watching stuff. I do still watch a lot of Netflix though.


Bit more of a random favourite now, its a game. But oh myyy, this game is so good and so addictive and how did I not discover it earlier? You basically just place the different shaped squares together and try not to run out of space. Sounds weird, but please, just play it. It’s also kinda relaxing, don’t ask me how.

Also just a quick mention to MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick, which I have included in way too many posts, but is still my go-to lipstick. And Nivea Pearl & Beauty deodorant for stopping me from being smelly in the muggy English summer. I’ve probably forgotten something but thats pretty much it. Plus, listen to Sabrina Carpenter, mainly Smoke and Fire, Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, We’ll Be the Stars and Seamless. I love it, but then part of me’s still not 100% sure. Real Halsey vibes though.

Ellie xoxo



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