Literal 5 Minute Face

When you’re on a “relaxing cruise” ie hiring out a narrow boat on a river in England – SO many funny stories to tell, like the time we hit a brick bridge and my dad broke our emergency pole trying to get away from the bank, and we ended up literally sideways against the bridge and this guy that looked like Doc from Back to the Future was giving us advice and we got attacked by trees but eventually got out. Anyways, when you’re on a boat it’s a kind of time when the only people you will see are your family and the people going  past on other boats. So I tended not to put makeup on until we’ve moored up (basically parking for boats) and we’re going somewhere. Whether it’s stopping for lunch or to see  an interesting place, I’m still on holiday so I’m keeping my makeup quite minimal. I’ve worked out a look that I can actually do quickly in 5 minutes before we leave the boat.Even now that I’m home I’m still wearing it because it’s very natural and basic but I actually feel so much better for it, and a bit human.

Well I’m so boring and have no money so the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer is going under my eyes and the very Homer Simpson like Revolution something concealer is going on my chin, a bit on my nose, anywhere I have spots which seems to be everywhere at the moment. These are the problems with the summer holidays, I eat too much crap. I really want to buy the L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation but for now I’m sticking with concealer. For my contour I’m using the Collection Sculpt & Glow Palette with the brown shade lightly brushed on my cheekbones and the highlight shade on the top bit of my cheeks.

Now for the eyes, ie my favourite part of makeup, there are actually 2 different looks I like to do. I will start the looks by just applying some concealer on my lids as a base. The first look I kinda talked about in the review so I won’t go over it again, it’s just a natural pink toned look using the Freedom Audacious 3 Palette. The second look is a bit more expensive as its using the Naked 2 and Smoky palettes but if you don’t have them (smoky is a great investment if you want to get into smoky eyes and makeup artist stuff, just saying) there are some great dupes from brands like Revolution and Freedom.

Using the Smoky Smudger brush from the Smoky palette, I take Whiskey in the outer corner and crease of my eye. I then blend and build that colour up until it’s as intense as I want it. For the lid, I use Suspect from Naked 2 and build that up until its opaque enough. If I’m feeling fancy I might take Whiskey on my waterline and High from Smoky in my inner corners.

I don’t normally do eyeliner in the summer but if I do it will be Supercat by Soap & Glory. I usually just finish my eyes with Benefit They’re Real Mascara.

Lips? Obviously Velvet Teddy. I don’t wear lipstick every day but when I do this is my everyday shade although I do sometimes switch it up. PS: my cat came and sat in my makeup bag next to me when I was taking these, how cute!

Okay maybe if I do the extra things this would take a bit longer than 10 minutes but honestly, without this will only take maybe 8 to do. I LOVE this look as its natural but you still have makeup on and look like you’ve made an effort.
What are your essentials when it comes to quick makeup?

Ellie xoxo


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