Thoughts Going into Year 10


Back to school. Yay! I swear every student cheers when they hear those words. Not. What I don’t understand is why everyone starts their back to school series on YouTube and blogs in the middle of July. I have one and a half months off to relax. Let me enjoy them and not have to think about Back To School on the first day of my holidays. This is not shading anyone in anyway, its just my explanation into why I’ve left this so “late”. 

I start school on September 8th so I’ve still got 2 weeks left of the holidays but I am in no way prepared. I’m going into Year 10 and these are some of my thoughts going into the first year of my GCSEs, some “funny”, some serious. 

  1. I need to stop zoning out in lessons. 
  2. As much as I enjoy making jokes in lessons, I should save the jokes for tweeting about the exams after like I always see. 
  3. YES, no more Geography or Religion or Art. 
  4. I better enjoy the subjects I picked. 
  5. How do you say I’m gonna fail my GCSEs in Spanish?
  6. Please can our timetabling in school not quite be perfect so I end up with a free period. 
  7. My tights have holes in and are really fluffy, should probably get some new ones. 
  8. I also need new shirts. 
  9. A packet of pens, a pencil and a maths set will be enough won’t it?
  10. I hope my old Sharpies and highlighters haven’t dried up over the summer because I want to spend my money on clothes. 
  11. How many days will it take for me to lose all my stationery? Three?
  12. I hope the new drama teacher is nice. 
  13. I need to clear my skin up, buy new glasses and make myself look not gross in time for the first day. 
  14. How am I ever meant to wake up before 11? What is this?
  15. I’m really gonna miss spending time with my cat 😦
  16. Do you get school Wifi passwords once you’re in Year 10?
  17.  Yay, more new Year 7s to be already taller than me, this is not a joke. 
  18. How can you have a healthy lunch at school?
  19. If I have that teacher for English or that one for Maths I am 1000% screwed. 
  20. Seriously though, can’t I just do Spanish instead of English?
  21. Will anyone notice I chopped my hair off? Not all of it, obvs. 
  22. I’m definitely going into sixth form because I need to do many clothes orders before we go back, I wish. 
  23. Oh and how am I meant to juggle homework with my new exercise programme? 

That was my first back to school post, a bit different from the usual but I hope you found it relatable or enjoyable in some way. I will be doing more BTS posts, I was thinking of doing an advice or Q&A post and probably a whats in my school bag, but I’ll leave that until I’ve been at school for a few days so I have some books and its more realistic. 

What year are you going into?

Ellie xoxo




  1. Hehe year 10 is nothing! I’m already going into my third year of uni and I really miss my highschool days. Really make the most of school, and enjoy it because one day you’ll look back on it fondly. All the best 😀


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