You’ve probably read the title of this post and had a bit of a confused look because I know, Ellie and Exercise don’t really sound like two words that go together but that’s what this post is going to be about. Side note: I wrote this post two days ago so any amount of days I mention add to to that, thanks. 

I’ve always been lazy and I’ve always liked food a lot more than exercise and known I don’t do nearly enough as I should. But this evening I just got back from a run. I know, I know. But I’m telling the truth. Me and my brother (and my cousin but this was the last run with him as he’s going back home to Spain) have been using the app Couch to 10k and with this you have a run 3 times a week. It gets more difficult each week but it builds up so if you carry on for 7 weeks you should be able to run 10 km (cry with me). This post is not sponsored but the app is tough but it has a structure which is kind of like half running half walking so you can ease yourself in. 

Oh, and thats not it. A few months ago I talked about the app Seven Minute Workout and we’re using this too. What modern app users we are. With Seven you have a workout that is 7 minutes long that you do every day. The clues in the name. There are different workouts you can unlock, I’m hoping our random one in our second month will be the Fat Burning one, but the standard has exercises like squats, crunches, plank, jumping jacks. And push ups but let’s pretend those don’t exist. 

Its weird going from no exercise to loads but I honestly feel so much better about myself, even after 10 days of daily morning workouts and 5 evening 30 minute runs. Its tough but I feel so much healthier and fitter knowing that I’m actually doing the exercise I need because we all know PE is not the most hardworking lesson for me. 

This post is not sponsored by either app I just wanted to talk about my new exercise. I feel so weird talking about exercise not in a negative way. You don’t necessarily have to work out every day or use this exact running app but I just find they work for me. Do what works for you but if you’re thinking about getting fit and starting exercising if you haven’t already, really just do it. It may seem difficult and too much effort but it really does pay off. I like doing it with another person so that if I’m tired I can’t just stop and I have to properly try. Plus, if you’ve done exercise, you’ve earned yourself a bowl of ice cream. 

Ellie xoxo

PS Sorry for the crap photos, I felt bad for not putting a post up for 10 days and couldn’t think of a better photo idea for a chatty post. 



  1. Great post! I really need to get back into exercise. I previously had done it quite regularly but I gave up with a lack of motivation so this app sounds great as I feel like I need a goal. Will definitely check it out!
    Beth X


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