Eyebrows of Dreams 

Eyebrows. One thing I don’t care enough about normally. 

Recently I’ve really started caring about what my brows look like and started doing them and occasionally filling then in. It’s definitely not a daily thing but when I have the time to do my makeup properly it’s so good. 

Brows really frame your face and especially because I wear glasses I think eyebrows make my whole face look 100% better. Since I had started doing them more anyway, when I heard that Glamour were releasing a sample of Benefit Gimme Brow (in the shiny new packaging but hmmm not sure how to feel about it), I had to hop to the Coop and buy it. As soon as possible. And I have to say so far I am very impressed. Firstly, I only spent £2 on this. Two pounds. For a Benefit mini (oh, and a magazine to read)…um, yes please. 

I have to say even though I picked up shade 1 I was very worried I would look like a “werewolve” as Gabby calls them. But actually I’m super impressed with the shade as it’s a tad darker than my brows. Only enough that they look on pointttt but not so they look brown because I have quite light blonde hair naturally and that wouldn’t look great. This product is basically a tinted brow gel and I love the way it makes your brows look as it gives them something but they still not natural and not drawn on. This gains 1 million Ellie points for the fact it doesn’t make your eyebrows feel crunchy. It does lose some points as sometimes too much product comes out if you don’t wipe the wand and it’s hard to deal with so much but maybe that’s just because I have such light brows. However, you can build up the intensity of it and obviously if you put a lot on it will feel crunchy but you can go from a quick swipe to a more groomed look which I like. You can also layer this over brow pencils or gels or things like that but don’t get me started on them please, I’m way too clumsy for that. It’s pretty long lasting too if I’m honest. 

The size of the wand makes this really easy to quickly go through your brows and define your face and I really like it. It’s probably too late to buy the Glamour magazine now but, if not, go to any supermarket or newsagent and buy it, even if you don’t read the magazine, it’s such a bargain for £2. You can’t resist. If you’re reading this too late I’m pretty sure they sell decently sized minis in Boots for around £10 but ANYWAY. What I’m saying is go and buy this little beaut of a brow product which is really upping my brow game considering how bad I used to be. Thank me later. 

Ellie xoxo


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