Schools Out!

I’ve always been one of those people that count down the days until the holidays – although I wish I didn’t because you should just make the most of every day instead of constantly waiting for the future. Anyway, last Friday school finally ended after such a fast but fun(ish) year 9. I’m going to be a Year 10 and I’m starting my GCSEs…what? 

So it’s officially the summer holidays and I have 6 weeks off with no work other than one history project. In my first few days I’ve been staying at a relatives house by the sea and I really felt like going out and taking some outfit photos. So that’s what I did. I was originally gonna go to the beach and take some there but we decided we would go to the beach the next day so these are taken on a hill in the middle of a golf course on a 20 minute walk we had before going out for dinner. Spot the wind turbines in the background. 

This outfit is a jungle inspired pretty basic summery outfit that I am in love with. If you’ve read my blog for a while you will remember I was obsessed with these shorts last summer and I’m holding onto them for as long as I can. They’re from New Look last  I’m sure you can get similar from somewhere on the high street. I’m a lot more into patterned cottony material shorts at the moment than denim ones. I feel like this outfit is so throwback 2015 Ellie when I used to only buy clothes from New Look because guess where the top is from …New Look! I love this top because it’s basic and I love the colour grey yet its not boring cause the top is kind of speckled grey and I think the detailing on the sleeve is really 90s but it probably isn’t. What a crap fashion blogger I am. 

When we went to a nearby town in the morning I was actually wearing my sisters khaki shirt which is pretty identical to the denim one (post all about it here) I’m wearing but greener but she wanted to swap back so I felt a bit less like an explorer but I still love how this outfit looks. Casual yet you look like you’ve put effort in. Oh and both the shirts are also from New Look. 
I’m so predictable because (ignore the weird frilly blue sock situation – I obviously didn’t look in the mirror) on my feet I am wearing my all time favourite shoes. Adidas Superstars. So comfy even to walk in and they go quite well with this outfit, especially as the shorts are white too. 

Now its the holidays I’ll try and post more often but I’m going off to a boat on a canal with my family today for a week and there will be no WiFi so I doubt I’ll post next week but I’ll try and make up for it when I get home 🙂

What’s your summer fashion staple?

Ellie xoxo


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