Second Impressions

A few Tuesdays ago we had a school strike. And instead of starting a protest and sorting out the reasons the teachers were on strike, what did we do? Me and my friend went to town. We didn’t plan a massive shopping spree because, as much as we’d love to, we didn’t have much money. We just had a walk around and had milkshakes from my favourite place that shes never been before – I went into Starbucks and my favourite drink had been taken off the menu…if it was limited edition I’m complaining. But I had a Mars Bar milkshake and it was pretty damn yummy. I also went into Superdrug and picked up a palette (I know I have way too many) that I’d wanted for a while. 

Since its “summer” now…I mean its finally actually here, I’ve been really liking wearing pinky tones on my eyes and wanted to buy myself a dupe for the Naked 3 palette because I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money at the moment.  I was flitting (don’t really know what that means but I’ve heard others say it and it sounds really cool) between two: the Revolution Iconic 3 and this but decided on this as I’d heard my obsession Sophdoesnails talking about it and saying it was great. This is the Freedom 12 Palette in Audacious 3. It has a beautiful range of pinky, warmer toned shades, from darker to lighter. 

Okay, who’s ready for these swatches? And a review? 

So these eyeshadows are pretty pigmented. Like they’re not Urban Decay quality obviously but you can build them up to really nice colours and they blend super nicely. They feel so soft and, as for the staying power, I have hooded eyes so all eyeshadows tend to gather in the natural crease of my eye. These still do that however if I use an eye primer they will last all day on my eyes without any falldown or annoying pink lines. At first I was really scared when I swatched these as they seemed so pink but as I’ve been using the palette I’ve worked out how to tone down the pinks by mixing them with the more neutral colours because some like number 2,3 and 5 are very very pink toned which I find a bit harder to get away with. My favourite shades by far are the 4th and 7th (you can probably tell because the patterns have almost disappeared from them) which are perfect for a natural pinky toned matte eye look. I really love the range of light and dark shades and there are definitely more shimmers than mattes but there is still a decent amount of both and they are both just as beautiful and great quality. For £4 I really think you can’t go wrong with this palette…apart from the crap brush. 

The other new product in this post I picked up a lot more recently sadly because as much as I wanted to pick it up at the same time, my purse didn’t agree :(. But on Sunday I jumped in on my mums trip to town to go and grab myself the New Look Matte Liquid Lip in the shade Sweet Rose. Liquid lipsticks are all the hype at the moment and I only own one that I like so I wanted to try one dor myself. I’ve also heard my main obsession Sophdoesnails talking about this and she said it was a dupe for Posie K by Kylie. 

However, I sadly can’t agree with Sophie on this lipstick cause as soon as I tried it on my lips I knew it wasn’t for me. I was expecting a dark nudey pink but this on my lips was a bright barbie pink and I was not a fan. I also found it to leave a harsh line between my natural lips and this and you could really see the cracks in my lips. It wasn’t a bad lippie and if the colour was what I had expected I would probably get loads of wear out of it but I’m actually selling it on my Depop because I know I will never wear it and I want to buy the Tanya Burr Liquid Lipstick instead. 

I might stop rambling now and go to sleep..but seriously I work so much better at night its crazy. If you get one thing from this post its that pinks shouldn’t be scary in makeup, or only for cheeks. You can rock pink more subtly or a lot more boldly if you’re confident but summer is the perfect time to do so. 
Lesson: ask to try a lipstick on your lips before wasting your money on buying it and hating it. 
Ellie xoxo


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