Musicals I Love


If you know me you will know my two favourite things in life: makeup and fashion. And the stage. Both being on it and in front of it makes me soooo happy! I’m constantly wishing I could join the actors on the stage and looking at how happy their faces are makes me even more excited for my next show. I know it’s a bit different from my usual posts but I thought today I would have a little chat about the musicals I’ve seen and why I love them.

Pretty much all of these I’ve seen on the West End in London. I know I’m so lucky to be able to see all these shows and I am so grateful you have no idea. My family (well my mums side anyway) don’t really go for many meals out and me, my mum and my brother haven’t been on a proper family holiday in a couple of years but musicals are the one treat that me and my mum love to indulge in and we have seen A LOT but we are both so passionate about singing, acting and dancing (I’m more of an on stage girl and shes more of an audience but we both love watching them). Anyway, I’m ranting so I’m gonna get on with this post but I’m so grateful for being able to see all these and I’m not trying to show off whatsoever.

This is the most recent show I’ve seen and I thought it deserved a little mention as it was a really good show. It’s a love story first set on a boat and gave me lots of laughs and almost a little cry. The songs are really catchy even though they’re not that well known. The only thing I would say is even though the show itself was really great, the plot itself didn’t have much to it. It did have lits of hidden messages true to society though. Can’t help loving that man of mine.

Guys & Dolls
We’re just a crazy bunch of Guys and Dolls. It was such a coincidence because only a few days before we went to see this one we were watching the Simpsons and they had a Star Wars parody of Guys and Dolls. But seriously…this show guys! The songs are SO GOOD and the acting is INCREDIBLE, as well as the singing. It’s another love story bit there’s a lot more to it than that and OMG SEE THIS SHOW ITS A CLASSIC!

The Lion King
I went to see this one on a school trip and even though I didn’t really remember the film, the story is so touching. It has some great songs and the acting and dancing is awesome. The way they use the masks and costumes really makes the show that much better too. You must need so much energy to be in a show like that!

Bugsy Malone
Our youth village drama group people went to see this after we’d just done Bugsy Malone ourselves in the village and it was fab! If I remember right the whole cast is children – umm jealous of them – and they just did it so well. We all knew the songs a bit too well by then and the singing and accents were great. Definitely a good one if something like Guys & Dolls isn’t your cup of tea (yes please someone make one for me thanks.)

Once and Gypsy (not sure if they’re still on) deserve a mention too as I saw them a while ago so can’t remember them as well but they were so so good and I would recommend you go and see them if you have the chance. Billy Elliott too is amazing.

Of course I have to mention Matilda. It wouldn’t be an Ellie post without it. It was the first one I thought of putting in this post but I thought I should save the best until last. I’ve talked about it way too much but I’ve seen it twice because we had to take other people because of how STUNNING it was. I’m running out of positive words help. The songs are so so so catchy and I could probably sing pretty much all of the songs for you without having to check the lyrics. I would say the first time I saw this might even be good enough to call it the best musical I’ve seen. PLEASE PLEASE SEE THIS IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. YOU DONT EVEN HAVE THE CHOICE – IF YOU’RE IN LONDON LOOKING FOR A SHOW TO SEE, THIS IS THE ONE. It must be about 3 years since I first saw it now and I still listen to it at least monthly, usually more.

World’s longest post? Probably. I think the next thing I’m going to see is Into The Woods as a treat after my brothers graduation. Hes a proper adult now. What? The two on my wishlist are Wicked, I want to see that so bad! Defying gravity okay. And Book of Mormon which I can’t see because for some reason you have to be 18. Ew age limits. But I’ve listened to quite a few of the songs and yes, I may know all the words already.

Okay I’m actually gonna shut up now. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you honestly got to the end comment ‘I loved Bananas the Musical too!’ and we can confuse some people. If you like musicals as much as I do hit me up on DM and we can chat for years.

Ellie xoxo


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