June Favourites

I was reading someone’s tweet the other day saying they didn’t like monthly favourites videos because they didn’t care which chocolate bar someone liked that month and I can see where they are coming from with that. I feel like some favourites videos and posts sit in my subscription or Bloglovin box forever and just don’t get watched because they can be dull. I feel like with monthly favourites, even though it has monthly in the name, they are better every other month because you’re not trying too hard to think of things that you sort of liked. I also feel like you can’t take them too seriously and you just have to have fun otherwise there’s no point. But anyway after that long introduction lets get into my June favourites post. 

MAC Velvet Teddy
How can I not talk about this product? I got it in early May and I’m not sure I’ve actually posted any of the posts that I’ve mentioned it in but I love it SO MUCH. It is the perfect browny nude colour and it is matte but its not too drying as long as you wear lip balm before you put it on. It lasts a really long time, it will most likely fade or come off if you eat or drink, but other than that, its pretty long lasting. I love MAC lipsticks and this colour is definitely worth the hype – I’ve been wearing it so much this month.

Benefit Cream Eyeshadows
These deserve a paragraph in my favourites post as I have been wearing them so much this month. They’re not exactly the most pigmented but they’re really creamy and they just add a sheer layer of colour to the eyes or they can be a great base for eyeshadow. They are quite expensive for what they are though so unless you buy them in a set or something I think the Maybelline Colour Tattoos are just as good. 

Collection Highlight & Sculpt Palette

This was bought in my haul post a while ago and I mainly bought it for the contour colour because I was trying to get more into contouring. The contour is so good by the way, not too warm but nice and natural. The highlight though WOW it is the most beautiful shimmery golden whitey colour. I don’t know how to describe it and its definitely not as pigmented as say Benefit High Beam but it gives the most gorgeous glow to the top of the cheek bones or wheerver you like to put your highlight. It can be built up really well for a Sophie Foster look, or one little tap will get you an amazing subtle light to your face. 

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail polish – Lap of Honor

I have this on my toenails at the minute and I’m planning on painting my nails with it later this evening. Can we just talk about this formula though – its so opaque and applies really easily but still dries pretty quick. As I’ve mentioned before, its not the most long lasting or unchippable but its not bad and its pretty damn good for £4. The colour as well. Pastel grey toned purple? Yes please!

Topshop Blue Joni Jeans 

Well I may or may not have just spilt tea on these…well done me. But anyway, you might’ve seen them in this outfit post. They are the comfiest, best looking blue jeans ever and you all know how much I loved my black joni jeans so these are just a winner really. Perfect for summer. Anyway, I ranted about these in the post I linked so check that out if you want to know more about them. 

Love Island

There’s only 2ish more weeks of this show left. What am I going to do from 9-10pm every night from now on? Maybe write blog posts? Nah probably just cry that its not on anymore. But seriously I don’t usually like reality shows like this but something about it is so feel good and just relaxing. DRAMA TONIGHT THOUGH OMG. I know I’m such a typical girl for talking about this but it just really entertains me. It makes me feel pretty alone too though. #singlepringle

Sophdoesnails & Beauty Spectrum

Um hello if you haven’t heard of Molly where have you been? She is an actual queen and I am loving her summer vlogs but I also have to give a mention to Sophdoesnails! She’s a more recent discovery but I binge watched all her videos once I found her and her makeup skills are on point. They are both so down to earth and I’ve been much preferring to watch teenage youtubers recently, maybe because I relate to them a lot more?

Starbucks Chocolate Marshmallow Smores Frappucino

Well I technically had this on the 1st of July but I’m gonna count this drink as a June Favourite anyway because it was SO DELICIOUS. Its a nice change from what I usually get and honestly tastes like chocolate, marshmallows and smores (well duh that might be why its called that!) I dont know how they make it but i want to know and I hope its not limited edition becuase its the nicest drink I’ve had in a long time. I can feel an addiction coming on but I seriously recommend you try this drink next time you’re near a Starbucks. 

There’s all of my favourites from this month, let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments of this post and I will spend my money on them because spending money is a skill of mine :)))

For real though guys, we’re halfway through the year. Better get started on those 2016 New Year’s Resolutions quick…whoops. 

Ellie xoxo


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