Castles & Stripes



Before we get on with this post, I’d like to apologise to Lauren and Amber for constantly having to put up with indecisive Ellie sending them snapchats asking which dress I should wear because I’m annoying like that. No but seriously I had got completely ready wearing a different dress and i just felt like it was too small for me and too short and I wasn’t feeling it. I’m so glad I changed dresses as this one felt a lot more cute and girly. Love ittttt.

I also want to say this post completely goes against my last one where I said I like to chill on Sundays but oh well…

Well anyway, it was my bosses birthday and he had a huge party with probably over 100 people there and he had it at this amazing castle in our village that we always go past but we’ve never been able to go in there before. I say we, I mean me.

The castle on the inside was pretty damn cool, but then you walk outside and it was actually AMAZING. There was so much space and so many gardens and the grounds were so beautiful. I would actually love to have a wedding there, not that I’ll ever get married. #singleproblems 🙂

I really loved my outfit and my makeup so much, I feel like it was basic but pretty. A stripey dress is really just a staple isn’t it, especially black and white striped one. I haven’t worn my leather jacket in forever but I feel like it goes really well with this dress as it wasn’t exactly that summery of a day. The sun kept coming in and out so it was interesting switching from hot to cold all the time. I’m ranting ok SHUT UP ELLIE. My dress is this one from Topshop (of course, where else?) and my jacket is from H&M a long time ago but you can get leather jackets from literally every shop in the world.

This is such a versatile dress because you could totally wear it with tights and boots and a jacket in autumn or you can wear it with bare legs in summer. If you don’t have a stripey dress what are you doing with your life? Just saying the high neck also adds a bit of something extra to the dress.

On my eyes I wore Combust from the Naked Smoky which is really not a smokey colour but actually a very neutral pinky lid colour and Tease from Naked 2 in my other corner with Supercat winged liner and MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick. LOVE THIS MAKEUP LOOK.

I acessorised with my silver and gold necklace from Urban Outfitters and of course my beloved Adidas Superstars (not sponsored, I promise) because they make the look a lot more chill and casual and also I own no nice going out shoes.

What else do I have to say? Hmm nothing. Except thanks R for a great party and thanks Topshop for an amazing staple dress and I might rewrite this post because I’m not loving what I’ve written… we’ll see.

I should have another post going up on Friday as I’m finally starting to post on here again, let’s hope I can keep up. Friday’s post (as long as I upload the one I’m thinking of uploading) is a bit of a different post to my usual ones but I really enjoyed writing it.

Stop rambling Ellie. Buy yourself a stripey dress if you don’t have one it will help you out on so many occasions. Leather jackets are also super handy to throw on and straight away make an outfit from 7 to 11/10.

Ellie xoxo


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