For me I like to do something fun on a Saturday like meet up with friends or go somewhere and then Sunday is my homey, chill and be productive and get ready for the week day and there are a few things I love to do every Sunday.

Okay this may sound a bit weird but on Sundays I LOVE tidying. You can get your music out and sing and dance until your neighbours come round and complain (has that actually happened to anyone? lemme know!) Its also being productive and you’re clearing up all the mess from the week before and getting your room ready to be trashed in the week ahead. No but seriously when you like musicals as much as I do tidying is such a good excuse for a dance party.

On Sundays I tend to give myself a bit of a pamper. I can never really be bothered with the whole light candles run a bubble bath kind of pamper routine at the moment because it takes lots of time that I don’t have and I just save it for autumn (my loveeee!) and Christmas but I love to have a shower, wash my hair, scrub my body and then moisturise with a little bit of colour if you get my drift (AHEM amazing Garnier Summer Body gradual tanner and moisturiser). I also tend to spend a while on my skincare because I want my skin to look good at school because judgey people. My skin is AWFUL at the moment so lots of products are needed to try and calm it down. I’ve run out of Boots Witch Hazel Gel – I know, cry with me! If anyone has any other affordable spot products or under eye creamy things please help your girl out. Gracias!

I feel like Sundays are the best day to finally get round to doing that bit of homework or job you’ve been procrastinating the whole week so you can get it off your mind once you’ve done it. Or in my case finally buy some new tights for school that aren’t full of holes and have bits of fluff and cat fur stuck to them…thanks Evie. I love writing blog posts on Sundays as it is a fun thing that I love doing but its also productive. I really need to get back in the swing of blogging as I’ve just lost it since going quality over quantity and trying to only post posts I’m really happy with.

If you have a sunny Sunday you could totally go to a park or garden near you. My mum usually ends up dragging me out to one of them. Walks are also a great way to have a chill day and of course, sunbathing. (The photo in this post was taken when I was on a walk)

Probably my favourite thing to do on Sunday evenings, once I’ve got all my school stuff ready because, unlike those lucky people that have already finished school, I still have another 5 weeks until the Summer Hols. I can make it with some help from my friends. Anyway, I love grabbing my INCREDIBLE fluffy soft grey blanket, whatever cookies or sweet food I am into that day and catching up on your favourite TV show. If I do a June Favourites post be prepared for a 3000 word essay on how much I am obsessed with Love Island. This is also a great time to actually complete level 115 on Best Fiends. I’m such a predictable teenage girl but both those things are just the best.

I think I’ve ranted enough for one day so I’ll leave this post here. Let me know what you like to do on Sundays or if I’m just stating the obvious with this post.

Ellie xoxo


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