Here Comes The Sun

I posted this post and I loved it. But guess what? WordPress has decided to delete everything that was written in it. I don’t really know what’s up with that. Anyway what I had written was how I was planning on spending yesterday, the last day of the holidays, chilling and watching Gossip Girl. But the weather was way too nice for that – I know, summer is finally here! I actually made an effort to do my makeup and then went with my mum and her friend to an open garden and took loads of photos with my camera.

I also really liked my outfit that day so I got my mum to take some photos of my outfit. She did pretty well to be honest, except she missed out my shoes. Of course I was wearing my Adidas Superstars because they are the comfiest and look the cutest.

The outfit was mainly focused on my newest addition to my wardrobe which are these stunning medium blue Joni Jeans. I’m sure you know I have the black ones, which I had been wearing literally daily and it was turning into a problem so I picked these up with my Topshop gift card. I haven’t owned a pair of actual denim colour jeans I liked in FOREVER but these are amazing. English Summer isnt always that hot so sometimes shorts are over the top and these are the perfect colour that they can be worn in every season.

Anyway, enough about the AMAZING jeans, I also wore this gorgeous top from Topshop (I have an addiction) that I have been wearing non stop and I think the flowers give it a lot more of a summery and festival vibe, without being too colourful. I love the detailing on the arms and neck too.

I loved this outfit a lot and I can tell its going to be one if this summer’s favourites. Topshop have some amazing things in at the moment.

I’m curious: whats your favourite clothing shop?

Ellie xoxo



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