Summer Bucket List


When I’m writing this it is now half term – yesss! I am so excited for a week off and also hopefully some time in the sun. With summer coming up and me just watched Zoe’s new picnic video, I keep thinking of more and more things I want to do with my friends or family this summer.

1. Have a big picnic with all my friends.
2. Go to the woodlandy park place near me.
3. Make ice creams.
4. Try nail art.
5. Have a water fight
6. Go to the beach
7. Sleep in the garden
8. Stay up to watch the sun rise
9. Have a massive photoshoot
10. Dip dye my hair baby pink (my last attempt failed)
11. Be happy with myself
12. Have a wardrobe I love
13. Clear out all my junk I don’t need
14. Leave cute notes for people to find and see if they respond
15. Go on a cute walk
16. Midnight swim
17. Rope swing
18. Build and live in a fort
19. Cook yummy food
20. Have fun

There you go, that’s 20 things I want to do between now and September. Can I do it? Probably not but I’ll keep you updated 🙂 Some of these are really cliche tumblr ones I found and some are a bit more personal.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Ellie xoxo


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