Little Beauty Haul

I’m literally out to control. I think someone needs to take my money away from me so I can’t spend it all. See, the thing is, I don’t spend THAT much money but it’s because I spend pretty much all my money, unless it’s for a present for someone, on makeup and clothes it seems like I spend a lot. Anyway, excuses out the way, I thiught I would share with you all what I have bought in the last two weeks. I tend to have two week sessions where I constantly spend money then two weeks where I don’t spend any in a repeating cycle. 

I’ll start with the most expensive makeup that I couldn’t resist on the bank holiday weekend. I had been wanting this lipstick for aggggesss so I decided to just cave in and buy it because I love my other MAC lipstick so much and I wanted a matte nude colour. I picked up Velvet Teddy and it is the most gorgeous. I can wear this with any eye makeup either.

I seriously cannot go into Superdrug without buying anything, to the point where I don’t go in there because I don’t want to spend money. I did actually go in there a few days ago and ended up spending some money.

I first off picked up some fake tan, which I have never tried before. It’s the Garnier Summer Body gradual tanner and moisturiser which I really like because it’s easier and less pressure than an actual fake tan which I know I would just mess up if I tried to properly tan…maybe one day. I’ve used this a couple of times now and I really like it. I can’t tell that its made that different to my tanniness but I am the palest and it said it would gradually build up so it probably wouldn’t tan me straight away but it has left me feeling very moisturised.

I also picked up two Barry M nail polishes because everyone raves about them but the one I have which is one of the originals is so liquidy that I never really wear it, but it could be because I hate the colour. Anyway, I wantef to see if the other ranges were any better and I am quite impressed. I picked up a Gelly Hi Shine which are the most raved about in the shade Rose Hip which is a gorgeous pastel pink. I don’t really have any colours like this so its quite cute but still a little liquidy but with a pastel colour its difficult to make it opaque so I’ll keep using it.

I also picked up one from the Speedy Quick Dry range in the shade Lap of Honor which is my favourite as its such a stunning grey toned lilac purple colour and it feels a lot more opaque on my nails so I will definitely be picking more of these up. I don’t tend to buy nail polishes that often but I was at the point where I wouldn’t paint my nails because I really hated all my nail polishes so much.

I saw this in Superdrug but all they had was a tester left so I went into Boots and picked it up. I should probably say what it was shouldn’t I. The last makeup item I picked up was the Collection Contour Kit because I’ve really been getting into contour recently but I’ve been using eyeshadow for it and I wanted a proper contour product. I love the brand Collection so I was excited to try this. It’s really pigmented and the contour is a perfect medium brown – not too warm and not too cool. The highlight is a perfect light shimmery champagne. SO BEAUTIFUL.
That’s everything I’ve picked up recently. I went a bit crazy. I didn’t buy that much but I did a lot of damage to my purse.

Ellie xoxo


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