My New Favourite Shoes

This post is very late – probably about a month. I wrote it a while ago but I just never had the energy to take the photos even though I really wanted to upload it. I finally got round to it though so here it is. 

All my posts seem to be starting with something to do with my birthday recently. And this one will too because for my birthday my dads girlfriend bought me some really nice shoes. And this lost is going to be about them.

I’ve never really been that into buying clothes because they are in fashion, I tend to just buy clothes I like and if there are trends I like I will make them my own, but I have started being a lot more into fashion and since trainers and more sporty clothes have been in fashion, I had been eyeing up the Adidas Originals Superstars. So when my dads girlfriend offered to buy me some shoes for my birthday present, I couldn’t say no. I bought them and they have not disappointed me.


I picked up the white ones with the black stripes and the gold logo and they  are so gorgeous. I have been wanting some really nice trainers for a while and they are my perfect ones as they aren’t too sporty looking. I also like the way they are sort of heeled, not like a heel but they have a thick sole so I don’t look as small because we all know I am the tiniest.

Also, I can pull them off with any outfit. They look super cute with jeans or jeggings with rolled up bottoms. I also think they will look really cute with shorts or even skirts to dress them down in the summer. I also like how they look with ankle socks or showing some cute doughnut socks or any cute socks. I’m not one for exercise so I love wearing them casually, or for an edgy look with a more dressy outfit.

These are £70 usually but if you’re a teenager or even just an adult with small feet you can get the childrens versions for £50 which are literally the exact same but (one thing I don’t know before) cheaper because you don’t have to pay tax on childrens shoes. If you’re a student you can also get 10% off with student discount so that’s a pretty good deal. I realise now that this whole post sounds like it’s been sponsored but it honestly hasn’t (I’ll say if a post is ever sponsored), I’m just SO obsessed with these shoes. Also considering they are white and I’m clumsy they have stayed pretty clean. The quality feels amazing too.

I don’t really know the point of this post to be honest apart from me wanting to ramble about my new fashion staple and also to say that if there is a style or trend or look that you like but you’re not sure if it will suit you or if it fits your style, if you like it just try it, you can always return it or style it differently. Basically, try new fashion things, you might fall in love with them like I did.

What are your favourite shoes?

Ellie xoxo


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