My Favourite Apps


I did a post like this quite a long time ago on my old blog but there are certain apps that I have been really into recently so I thought it would be fun to talk about my favourite apps.All the social media are my favourites obviously. I don’t even need to talk about them because we all know I spend way too much time on them. I also loveee the WordPress app so I can write posts…like I am right now.

Bloglovin is another I love because I can read all my favourite blogs on there and on the go, it’s great if you are a blog lover like me.

I go through phases of always playing games and never playing them, right now I am SO into Best Fiends, its like Candy Crush but so much better and its so addictive, if you haven’t downloaded it I don’t know where you’ve been. I also really like Color Switch, but I’m actually more obsessed with the mini game Break – I’ve actually completed it all :/

In terms of online shopping I love Pull & Bear because the clothes are gorgeous and not too expensive. I actually have an order coming from them in a few days and I CANNOT WAITTT for it. I’ve also just started selling some clothes I don’t wear on Depop so my account is @fashionandstuff (I couldn’t think of a better @). Follow me if you want 🙂

Staying on the subject of shopping I of course love Topshop and Unidays is amazing because you can get really good discounts on so many shops and special offers.

This makes me sound like such a nerd but I really like the app Checklist cause you can write lists and tick things off and have sublists and I’m getting really bad at describing apps but if you need to get your life together like me, this is a good one.

For editing blog photos VSCO is the best as it has all the filters and you can crop as well as changing settings like brightness. It’s amazing for blog photos as you can see them on a feed next to each other to check they work well with eachother.

A new one I’m starting to use is Canon Camera Companion because since I got my new camera I’m trying to learn to use it and all the confusing settings and this app explains them and shows examples so if you want to learn photography download this.

I’ve talked about this before and I haven’t used it in ages but I really need/want to so if you are like me and really need to get fit and healthy but don’t want to go to the gym, Seven is perfect. It’s also only 7 minutes of workout so not too long. Another I need to download is My Fitness Pal because I eat WAY too much chocolate so this just counts calories for lot.

That’s a little rundown of my favourite apps that I use a lot. What are your favourite apps?

Ellie xoxo


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