My Top 3 Mascaras








 If you look through my posts I’m sure you can guess which mascaras are my top 3 but I thought I would talk about them in a post anyway. The look I want from my mascara changes a lot depending on what mood I’m in and what the rest of my makeup is like. Some days I want one coat of a natural mascara, some days I want to layer mascaras and some days I want five coats of the most voluminous mascara, it really depends.

Collection No Clumps
This used to be and basically is still my holy grail mascara – it gives A LOT of length and volume in just a couple of coats but your lashes still look quite natural and fluttery and it is only £3 so it is a win win deal.

Benefit They’re Real
Okay I go on and on about this mascara but it is so incredible. It gives a very similar look to the Collection one but your lashes look more like false lashes because they are so long and fluttery and volumised. This has just the right texture to it and the brush is perfect for getting to every lash. It is £20 though so quite a big investment. If you are a beginner with makeup I would recommend buying No Clumps as they are quite similar.

Maybelline Lash Sensational
This mascara gives a very different look to the other two as it is quite clumpy but I like the way it looks when it is clumpy as it volumises your lashes a lot. The brush is curved and really coats every lash. I love layering it with a more lengthening mascara as it does give length but together they make your lashes look thick and long and beautiful. At £8 this isn’t too bad although it could be cheaper.

Those are my top 3 mascaras so if you’re looking to try out a new mascara I would definitely recommend you try one of these. I couldn’t pick one as I love them all so much and as I said I am in the mood for different lashes day to day.

Ellie xoxo


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