How To Get Out Of Bed

I’m definitely not a morning person. But my school is so I have to get up in the mornings (apart from when I’m posting this it is half term). And that is a big problem. Especially in the winter, anywhere other than my bed is just too cold to adventure to and I would rather do anything than get out of bed. But I have to, so I have realised some ways of making getting out of bed just that bit easier and I thought I would share them with you.

Set multiple alarms.
I know that people say you shouldn’t do this but to me, five minutes extra makes all the difference. Usually for school I have three alarms – the first, then I go back to sleep and there is another one eight minutes later when I actually wake up. After that extra bit of sleep I feel so much more refreshed and don’t mind as much having to get up. I also have another alarm five minutes after that one just in case I fall back asleep and also because I usually go on my phone for five minutes before I wake up so I know I need to stop.

Put some music on.
Music really wakes me up so if you are having trouble getting up you could either manage to go on your phone and put your favourite music on or if you have an iPhone (I don’t) you can actually set a song that you have downloaded as your alarm which might help you wake up and you could change it every two weeks or something.

Put your alarm on the other side of your room.
If either of those won’t work for you, another trick is just to put your phone (or whatever your alarm is on) on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off and you most likely won’t be able to get back to sleep after you have got up.

Get into a routine.
I don’t know about anyone else but once I’ve got into a routine I can kind of keep that routine so maybe using one or two of these tips and making a routine that you do every morning will help you get used to getting up in the morning.

Wash your face with a flannel straight away.
If you can wake up and get out of bed then you will most likely still be feeling very tired and could easily just close your eyes but there are places to go and things to do so I find if you wash your face with a flannel as soon as you get up it will make you feel a lot more awake.

If you have school or work or just have to get up early in the mornings I hope these tips help. It’s half term now so I’ll try and post a bit more.

Ellie xoxo



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