Welcome to Ellie’s World

I wrote a post for my old blog to tell people to come here but I realised I never really introduced this blog on here so welcome to ellieslittleeworld with two E’s because…well because with one E wasn’t available but it’s alright because I’m the kind of person who when I’m excited I type like this ‘I’m so exciteddddddd omggggggggg’ so it basically describes me.

I am so excited to have this blog on wordpress. Sure Blogger is good enough if you’re a beginner but in terms of looks wordpress is so much more versatile and just looks so much better and I just wasn’t getting what I wanted from Blogger any more. WordPress is really complicated though!

My posts will carry on as they were with one every Tuesday, most Friday’s and some Sunday’s although I’m not too sure whether tomorrow’s post will actually be going up tomorrow or on Saturday.

I’m so excited for this blog I can’t believe it! Although it still has my old posts, it feels like a fresh start for me and I’m super excited to make it so much better. I am also hopefully going to start taking pictures with my camera once I get a lead so I can connect it to my iPad so my picture quality should really improve.

Thank you so much for reading this post, you can like on wordpress so if you liked this post be sure to do that and you can get in touch with me on any of my social media if you want to (but let’s be honest who would?!).

Instagram – I never post but you can follow me anyway! @perksofelliee
Twitter – @laughingsugg
Bloglovin – haven’t made it yet but I will update this when I do!

Ellie xoxo


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