My 2015 Random Favourites

Throughout 2015, there were so many things that I loved and since I’m in the process of writing a post on my beauty favourites today I’m bringing you my more random favourites because I know a lot of people love knowing random favourites as well.

Food of 2015 – hmmm, how do I pick? I’m a big lover of anything sweet but in terms of savoury it would be filled pasta and for sweet either dried apple or cheesecake or chocolate orange.
Drink of 2015 – Magic Stars Hot Chocolate.
Music of 2015 – Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan. By far. The whole album is incredible, I couldn’t pick favourites.
Film of 2015 – okay, everyone is going to scream at me because I always go on about this but this year has been no exception and I have still been watching The Parent Trap. It is my all time favourite film but it is just so good. I also saw The Devil Wears Prada the first time this year and I was obsessed with it, it is a great girly film, especially if you’re into fashion.
TV Show of 2015 – Pretty Little Liars. I started watching this at Easter-ish time and I fell in love with it and have been watching it ever since, I’ve watched it all the way through twice and I can’t wait for it to start again very soon.
App of 2015 – Blogger. I know it sounds cringey but blogging has become one of my favourite things to do and when I have the Blogger app on my phone I can just write blog posts whenever I fancy.
Experience of 2015hmmmmm it took me a while to think what has been my favourite experience but I soon realised it was going to live in Spain for 2 months, it was difficult but it was so much fun and I loved it, I made a couple of great friends (although I haven’t talked to them since) and had some amazing days and it also made me appreciate everything I had a lot more.
If you aren’t into YouTube you might want to stop reading now as I’m about to rant about my favourite youtubers of 2015 but I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and had an amazing 2015.
Youtubers of 2015 – YouTube in general has been a favourite this year but I have a few youtubers in particular who deserve a mention.
Eve Bennett – how can I not mention Eve, I love her main videos and vlogs so so much, she is so genuine and down to earth and her editing is on fleek.
Gabby – her vlogs in particular, although I love her main channel videos just as much, but I honestly find her videos so funny and interesting and just great and she doesn’t deserve any of the hate she is given.
Fabulous Hannah – oh my goshhhhh Hannah is hilarious and her videos are amazing, just watch her.
Joe Sugg – no explanation needed. Watch watch watch!
Obviously I can’t mention everyone but I wanted to mention the people with less subscribers (plus Joe because fave) because they deserve so many more subscribers. Obviously I’ve also loved Zoe, Caspar, Tan, Jim, Evan, Hobbie and all the big youtubers too.
Ellie xoxo


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