2016 Goals

I’m not gonna call them resolutions because, let’s be honest, by the end of January most people have either given up on their New Year’s Resolutions or they’ve forgotten about them. Although I probably won’t achieve all of these I thought it would be a good idea to have some goals for the new year and some things I want to achieve.

I was looking at my resolutions post from last year (here) and I realised that I had only kind of completed all of them which leads me well onto my first goal.

Focus on one thing at a time and don’t leave things half done.
So yeah, I realised what I do is that I want to achieve something and I start it but then I kind of stop half way and I am never fully happy with whatever the thing may be. Let’s take my blog for example, for ages I have been wanting to change my blog around and work out how to give it a nice layout that reflects me with a background and header so earlier this month I made a header and changed it but it still looks a mess and I want to learn and do it properly so that’s the only way I can explain really. It applies with my school work as well though.

Get good grades.
I’m definitely not one of those people who loves school, but at the same time I don’t hate it. If I enjoy the topic we’re learning about and like the teacher, I do find school interesting but I want to keep up my grades and I have exams in May so I want to get good grades in them.

Focus on Photography.
I love photography. I am probably going to pick it as one of my GCSE options. The thing is when I do have a camera and remember taking pictures makes me so happy but I always forget which is probably because I don’t really have a good camera so I usually borrow my mums. I also would like to really improve the quality of pictures on here.

Be healthy and happy.
I eat a lot of crap. I eat loads of chocolate and not enough fruit and I snack when I am bored or worried so for that reason I am not happy with my diet or with my body which makes me feel a lot more self conscious so in the new year I would really like to start eating more healthily and stop snacking which will also make me a lot happier in myself.

Find my style.
At the moment I wear a lot of the same outfits and I’m finding them really dull and although I have a few new clothes recently which I love I would like to really find my style and have a new wardrobe if clothes which I am happy in and feel confident wearing. I also want to feel confident wearing clothes like skirts more than just on special occasions. I love doing fashion posts when I do as well so I would like to do a lot more fashion posts.

Qualify over Quantity.
As much as I enjoyed doing Blogmas, it really made me realise how in a way I was just putting posts up for the sake of putting them up when I wasn’t really happy with them but it was because I wanted to put up a lot of posts. I want to really be proud of every post I put up on here and maybe that will mean there won’t be as many posts sometimes but they will be better posts.

And there you go. I don’t have too many goals as I feel like they really won’t get done if I have too many but there are six so that means I have two months to fulfil each goal which is plenty (hopefully.)

This is my first post since Christmas so I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and I hope you have an amazing New Year. I will be posting a What I Got For Christmas post but not for a few days, I’m not entirely sure when but I need to finish it off and take the pictures.

Ellie xoxo


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