Current Favourites #21

I was looking through all the Blogmas posts I have written and scheduled, and I realised that literally all of them were Christmas related. So as much as I love Christmas, I know that not everybody does, so today I thought I would do a post not so festive although I will be talking about things I have been loving this festive season. I’m going to be doing a current favourites as I didn’t do a November favourites.

Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof Eyeliner
Okay, where do I start with this eyeliner? It is so black, it glides on so smoothly and can be blended but once it is on it is not coming off. I haven’t actually tested it’s waterproof-ness but if I do I will let you guys know how that goes. I like putting this on my tight line (I think that is the one kind of underneath your eyelashes on the inside of your eye if that makes sense?) and it just looks a lot more defined and makes my eyes in general just look better.

MAC False Lashes Extreme Mascara
I’ve mentioned this in quite a few posts, and I’ve always said that I don’t particularly like the way it looks on my lashes. To me, it looks a bit too fake and separated and a bit spidery. But I love it for my bottom lashes, it really gets every lash and separates them whilst making them blacker and longer so that is definitely one to go for if you don’t mind spending a bit more money on a very good mascara for bottom lashes.

Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Bomb
Every year (well since I’ve had it), I do the same thing. I have it in my makeup collection, but always overlook it and forget what it is like, then one day pick it up and try it on and fall in love with it all over again. It gives off a gorgeous dark berry vibe without being too pigmented or drying on the lips. It is a little moisturising as it is a balm, but I use it more for the little tint of colour which is perfect for school or when I don’t want to wear too much makeup.

Cosy Sweaters
Not one particular one, I am just really loving jumpers at the moment. They are so cosy and especially my more oversized ones, just make me feel so festive and warm and snug, they are perfect for winter. I didn’t include any pictures because I’m sure you’ve seen my favourite jumpers in loads of my posts anyway. One of my favourites was in my christmas outfit the other day.
I’m A Celebrity
How could I not mention this show? It has been my guilty pleasure ever day until it finished. I know it’s a bit late to mention now but next year guys you should definitely watch it if you don’t already. Last year I tried to get into it because my friends were always talking about it, but I couldn’t. This year I thought I would give it another go and it really was great. It’s very funny and a great thing to watch and it was on every single night so I am in luck.
Lady C left!! Wow, I was happy, although I hoped the show wasn’t boring without her. On the one hand, she was so rude and horrible to everybody and she did always bring the spirits down, so I really disliked her, but on the other, I thought it was funny the way she flirted with Ant and Dec and was funny at the beginning. Eve Bennett tweeted that she has tried to sue Tony and Duncan or something for bullying which is a bit extreme so I hope that’s not true.
Almost finished my rant. I wanted George to win, because oh wow he is hot, but also he is very funny and positive (most of the time) and I think it would have made him more confident and he deserved to win. Although if it wasn’t him I wanted Jorgie or Vicky to win. I’m also a Jorgie and George shipper. But Vicky won, yay! Spoiler alert but everyone knows by now. 

Soap & Glory Hand Food
I don’t even get that dry hands, but the thing I worry about more is my hands smelling bad, so I’ve started using this, and it is a bit addictive, I use it a lot now and keep it on my bedside table. It really moisturises my hands and smells great too. 

Dried Apple
I always have cravings for sweet, sugary treats, but I’m trying to be more healthy because I eat a lot of unhealthy stuff and this stuff is so delicious. It tastes like apple, but it is bitesize, and sweet, and healthy.

As the temperature has dropped rapidly, I have been drinking tea like there’s no tomorrow. I love tea, I think it’s very calming and just perfect for a cold day inside.

November in general and all of December so far have been really great. I’ve been very happy at the moment and just content with life so just that is one of my favourites to be honest. I feel like it’s my favourite time of the year, I’ve got an amazing group of friends, I’m getting good grades. Although it probably won’t last long but I’m going to enjoy it whilst it lasts.
Ellie xoxo

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