Christmas Films #19

Christmas films are one thing that really get me into the festive spirit and I love them so I thought it was about time I wrote a Blogmas post about Christmas.

Probably my favourite Christmas film of all time, it basically tells the story of a human who was raised with elves and he goes to New York City and doesn’t understand why not everyone is festive and happy. It’s really hilarious and puts me into the festive spirit and Will Ferrell is really funny in it.
Arthur Christmas
Great for the animation lover. It is really funny and its basically about the son of Santa who loves Christmas and loves Santa but Santa accidentally misses a child’s present and its about modern VS traditional Christmas.
Love Actually
This film is perfect for getting into the festive spirit and its about lots of people at Christmas time falling in love and out of love. I’ve only seen it once but I think it would be the best movie to watch in the background whilst wrapping presents.
Alright so basically a really funny cute Christmas film about a man who used to love Christmas and now hates it and has to direct his school’s nativity play but since he’s boasted to a friend who has done better than him in life everything goes a bit wrong but it ends up with a really great nativity play.
Home Alone
I’m watching the second one as I write this but it Home Alone a little bit scary but mainly just a great Christmas film about a boy who gets left home alone at Christmas and he rigs his house out because he finds out burglars are planning to break into his house.
There are so many more amazing christmas films but they are just my top five.
Whats your favourite Christmas film?
Ellie xoxo

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