Christmas Night In #16

Sometimes all you want is a break from work and a nice festive night in. I’ve done quite a few posts like this before so I thought I would do this one more like a checklist so lets go.
– Onesie or some cosy Christmas PJs:  keep you very warm and cosy and I don’t know how I could relax without wearing comfy clothes.
– Fairy Lights: I mentioned these in my post about decorations but they make me feel even more cosy and look so pretty.
– Magic Stars Hot Chocolate with Mini Marshmallows: wow…the nicest hot chocolate ever! And with marshmallows melting into it and making it even creamier, you honestly can’t get any better.
– Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch: when I want a night in I like to give my skin a little break so I would take my makeup off and I like to put this under my eyes because it doesn’t really stop the discolouration (whoah I actually used a proper skincare word what is this) but it makes them a lot softer and they don’t feel as tired and I also like to put it on my forehead because I get quite annoying lines on my forehead sometimes.
– Boots Witch Hazel Gel: like I said I like to give my skin a break so I also love this because I can put it on my spots and it really does help get rid of them even if you put it on just once a day (your supposed to put it on your spots two or three times a day but who has time for that?).
– Christmas Films: I have a whole post about my favourite Christmas films coming up in just a few days so I won’t ruin that but I’m sure you all have your favourite Christmas films, or alternatively you could just watch YouTube. I’m prewriting this but I’m really excited for 24 Days of Zoella and Vlogmas which will already be started when this goes up and I’m sure it has been incredible.
– Chocolate Orange: what is a Christmas night in without some chocolate? And at Christmas time you really can’t get any better than Terry’s Chocolate Orange.
– Christmas Music: again I will have a whole post, I think already up, about my favourite Christmas songs but if you are feeling a bit more lively you can have a nice little dance around to Christmas music.
– Lush Bath Bomb: obviously this is a night in so if you would like a bath, the Christmas range from Lush is probably the best range so at Christmas there is nothing better than a warm, festive smelling bath.
I can’t really think of anything else I would want for a Christmas night in so I hope you liked this post.
Ellie xoxo

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