Inspiration Box Gift Idea #15

So I have another gift idea post today. This one is kind of a box of inspiration or goodies or I don’t really know what to call it but I’m sure it will be clear once you’ve finished reading this post.

You Will Need:
– A Shoe Box (or any box really but I think a shoe box is the perfect size. Or you could use something like a mason jar if you wanted to.)
Wrapping Paper
– Individually Wrapped Chocolates
– Tissue Paper to rip up (or something you can use to fill space)
– Sharpies or Pens
– Little Presents – you can use whatever presents you think the person will like or stick to a theme like pamper evening or beauty or cute little home bits of something like that.
So basically, all you need to do is go out and buy some little presents for whoever your gift is going to be for, for example if I was making a gift for a friend I might buy things like: bath bombs, body products, nail polishes, Yankee Candle votives and things like that. Then all you need to do is wrap them up in whatever wrapping paper you want.
This part is optional but to make it a little more thoughtful and personal you can use a pen or sharpie and on top of the wrapping paper write something. There are two options to make it more special, the first is to write little quotes on, here are a few quotes I love.
‘Be somebody who makes everyone else feel like a somebody.’
‘The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.’
‘In the end, you only regret the chances you didn’t take.’
‘You are amazing.’
You can look up more quotes if you want them these were just a few.
The other option is a bit more personal, but basically you can just write:
Open when…
Open if…
And then put something on for example:  you need a warm hug, you feel like the world is against you, whenever you want, we are together, etc, etc.
Example: Open when… we’re together.
You could also include little notes with quotes or messages inside the wrapping paper like pass the parcel.
Once you’ve wrapped them, all you need to do is rip up some tissue paper (that’s the best thing I can think of but you could use little parts of polystyrene like you get in packages) and fill a lot of the box with it and add some individually wrapped chocolates (you could just use chocolates but you would need to use a lot) then add the wrapped gifts and maybe shake it up a bit to mix it.
That’s it for this present. All you need to do after that is close the box and wrap it up with wrapping paper. That is literally it. It is such a cool present but it is still thoughtful and quite personal so I can’t wait to give this to someone.
Ellie xoxo

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