Christmas Scents #14

The smell of Christmas is such a nice smell and there are also so many amazing smells that remind me of Christmas and that I love at Christmas time so it’s time for me to talk about them.

Seeds Wheat Essence Candle
First off, the packaging of this candle is just gorgeous. It smells quite sweet but spicy and like wheat and its hard to describe but it is the most wintery Christmassy scent. When you light it it gives off so much scent and fills your room with the scent but it doesn’t give you a headache.

Baylis & Harding Frosted Cranberry Glitter Body Wash
Personally I never really use glitter body wash but if I was going to it would be at Christmas. The scent is INCREDIBLE! It is such a sweet festive scent and it smells like cranberry sauce which I actually love.

The Body Shop The Sparkler All Over Shimmer
I was ready to write raving reviews about this but when I was getting it out ready for this post it exploded all over my drawers and inside my body drawer and all over my body products like body washes and lotions and some nail stuff. This isn’t especially a scent but it is basically a glitter spray which you could just use if you were going to a Christmas party or you could even spray it on a plain black dress if you were feeling really festive although I don’t know how well that would work to be honest. But it does smell so good, its quite sweet and vanilla-esque so I love the smell of it.

And they were a few of my favourite Christmassy smelling things for the festive season. Hope you enjoyed this post.
Ellie xoxo

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