Christmas Outfit: Warm & Cosy #11

Sometimes, at Christmas the thought of wearing a dress is something that will just never happen and all you want is to be warm and comfy for the best day of year. In today’s post I have an outfit idea which is quite obvious but I really like when all you want is cosiness.

Jumper: New Look
Jeggings: Lefties – not these exact ones but pretty similar.
Cute Unicorn Socks: New Look

This outfit is adorable and so comfy and amazing – I may or may not be wearing it right now as I write this. Of course you could wear a more festive Christmas jumper I just picked this one because it’s the thickest and cosiest I have and I think it’s still quite Christmassy as I kind of associate burgundy with autumn and winter and Christmas.

I like how you still look presentable and it’s great because the jeggings look like jeans but actually have the feel of leggings so your legs will be just as snug. Personally. This would be a look I would wear with a beanie and my big black coat and my black boots if I was going out.

What are you wearing for Christmas Day?

Ellie xoxo

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