Christmas Nails #10

Okay, so as soon as the Christmas holidays start, I’m going to be cracking out my cute Christmas nails, but I sometimes find it hard to think of Christmassy nails that look really cool but are super easy and quick.
I thought I would share them with you to give you some festive inspiration. Like with my other nail posts, I painted a fake nail because its easier to paint and show.

FESTIVE NAIL IDEA 1: TIS THE SEASON FOR GOLD AND HOLLY (I tried to think of a cute name okay?! To be fair though if you sing it in the tune it sounds quite cool)

This idea is really simple. All you need to do is to paint your nails gold and then add a nail sticker – I found these cool holly stickers in my drawer but you can get festive stickers everywhere for cheap prices.


This design really reminds me of Wicked, even though I’ve never seen it. All I did was put a base coat on then painted the whole nail with a green glitter  – mine was a present and its from Claires ages ago. (I did paint the whole nail but it wasn’t dried properly and just as I was taking the pictures the bottom half came off but I think it still looks alright (ish?!))


This one requires a little bit more effort but its still pretty effortless. I just painted the whole nail with a red nail polish and then used a white nail art pen and drew different sized dots to make the effect of snow and a little puddle of snow at the bottom.
And there you go, your nails are just as festive as you. I hope you enjoyed this post and you are enjoying my Blogmas so far. Let me know which of these designs was your favourite in the comments and how you are going to paint your nails for Christmas.
Ellie xoxo

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