Christmas Decorations #9

Christmas – the most festive time of the year (well duh! silly ellie sorry guys). Some people like to deck their houses out in tinsel and decorations everywhere but personally, I’m a bit more subtle although I still love decorating for Christmas.

The first and probably my favourite thing to decorate for Christmas with is fairy lights. They can be used all year round, but at Christmas they just look magical. I got mine from John Lewis and I doubled them up over my mantelpiece and I think it looks really cool.

Another thing that is just so festive and looks great draped around your room is tinsel. It really is only for Christmas time so why not go crazy and put it all around your room, you could even get the colours to match your room if you have a certain theme?

At Christmas time you really can’t go wrong with a stocking. Of course, on Christmas Eve, a lot of people hang it in their room and it will be full of presents by Christmas morning, but you could just hang one somewhere in your room to make it feel even more festive and incorporate some traditional colours.

Not so much in your room, but it’s also nice to have a wreath or some festive object, hanging on your front door. We have a Christmas tree kind of thing, but you can see from the pictures. This just brings Christmas spirit to you or anyone who comes to your door and I think it’s great.

I thought I would add to the festive spirit with some pictures of my Christmas tree. Sadly I don’t have it yet but I’m sure I will add some pictures of it to a post when I get it. This is a really bad picture of our Christmas tree at my dads girlfriends house last year:
Thought I would also add some other pictures of cute festive lights.
There you go. Decorations Ellie style. I will probably add some more festiveness later this month but at the moment I’m working with what I have.
Ellie xoxo

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