Quote Frame Gift Idea #8

I love giving presents and seeing what people think of them but sometimes I feel really uninspired about what I should get someone and I’m sure lots of people are the same so I thought as I’m doing Blogmas I could show some cute easy gift ideas that are a bit more special than just going out and buying a couple of lipsticks or whatever it is and wrapping them. One idea for an easy but thoughtful and very very affordable Christmas present is a quote in a picture frame.

It is really simple and cheap so all you really have to do is to go out and buy a really nice picture frame. If you want you could buy a more luxurious, expensive frame but you can get just as nice ones from cheaper shops like supermarkets or homeward shops like Jeremy’s Home Store. Then you need to print out a nice quote picture (you can either just get one from google images or you can make your own one on Pic Collage using a picture that goes with your quote.
Then you can just put it into the frame and you will be done. This would be the perfect present along with a pair of socks or some nail polishes in a little stocking for a friend or family member.
Ellie xoxo

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