Christmas Wishlist #7

What is the question I get asked the most this time of the year? What do you want for Christmas this year? What kind of thing should I get you for Christmas? I ask it too though. But since people enjoyed my birthday wishlist I thought I could do a Christmas wishlist. I hope this gives you some inspiration for a gift for a friend or relative or whoever or what to put on your own list.
Disclaimer: I know some people can see this kind of post as really (I can’t think of the actual word) spoilt or selfish as Christmas is about giving more than receiving. I want to say I am completely happy with everything I have at the moment and the main reason I am doing this post is for my blog to give people inspiration.
Naked 2 Palette – honestly, who doesn’t want this palette? It is expensive for a palette but it does gave some beautiful colours in and I’ve heard amazing reviews about the quality of it.
Black Leather Converse – I used to have a pair of blue converse and I wore them all the time because they were so comfy and they don’t fit me any more but I would like a new pair of converse and I think the black leather ones are so beautiful and sleek and would go with everything.
Tanya Burr Candy Glam Palette – holy macaroni. I don’t want to miss out on the chance of getting this palette because it is so beautiful and it is only available for a certain amount of time.
Zoella Two Balmy – I don’t have much of Zoe’s range, the only thing I’ve ever bought, which I still own because it is massive, is the Soak Opera and these balms look really cute and I would love to get them in my stocking this year (if I get a stocking I’m not too sure if I will?)
Real Techniques Eye Set – last year I got the core collection and they are incredible brushes and at the moment I have one eye brush which I use for everything. I do have other brushes but I just don’t like them as much so some new eyeshadow brushes would be a great gift.
MAC Brave Lipstick – my MAC lipstick is probably my favourite lip product I own and such a great investment. I’ve seen this colour on loads of youtubers and I think it looks gorgeous and the perfect pinky nude.
Clothes – So I do have a wishlist on New Look because that’s my favourite clothes shop but the one particular thing I want is black jeans and other than that maybe some jumpers and cute tops and things.

Hit The Road – Okay, I am so so proud of Joe and Caspar because it is an amazing achievement and I would love to get it because I know it will be hilarious and it will be a great one to add to my DVD collection.

Girl Online On Tour – Sticking on the youtuber theme, I would love Zoe’s new book because I loved the first one when I finally got round to reading it and I know the next one will be just as great.

And that’s what I want for Christmas. Other than that I mainly want clothes or gift cards, but I know that is a lot and I won’t get all of that and in no way am I trying to say I want this this and this get me this I’m just saying what things would make me very happy to receive on Christmas Day, although it is the thought that counts and I love every and any gift.
Ellie xoxo

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