Christmas Past #2

Blogmas Day 2 wooooo! Today I thought I would talk (I say that but I mean type and to you it means read) about Christmas past for me, what my Christmas traditions are, things like that.
I think someone should count how many times I say Christmas during Blogmas, my bet is somewhere near 60.
So probably from when I was very little, although I’m not really sure, up to 2013, Christmas has always been at my house, and that was tradition. Me, my brother and my mum were the hosts to my aunt and her son (my cousin), my uncle, my grandma and my grandad, all from my mums side of the family.
My mums side of the family are quite religious (not like in Carrie but as in they go to church most weeks) so we would always wake up and get ready and have some kind of breakfast, some times it has been cooked and sometimes just cereal, then go off to church. We would then come back and have a drink (they would have champagne I think) and some crisps and get started on the roast dinner. Then it is the kids favourite part. I still love this part, although nowadays I actually love giving presents just as much (if not a tiny bit more) as receiving them. Present time! We would all sit on the carpet or the sofa by the tree and open our presents, not all at once obviously.
After that me and my cousin would probably play or have fun with our presents whilst the adults carried on cooking Christmas lunch. I would probably lay the table and help in any way I could and we would just chill until lunch was ready. We would have the traditional roast dinner: turkey, stuffing (Holy cow I am so excited for stuffing I can’t explain!), roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, vegetables, I think that’s the lot.
For the rest of the afternoon we would probably just relax and spend time together. Watch some Christmas telly or play a board game or something like that and if we were at all hungry, eat leftovers for dinner and watch some more Christmas telly.
And that would be Christmas. Last year we decided to go up to my uncle’s in the North of England instead, for lots of reasons which I won’t go into, and we are going there again this year. Last year it snowed on Boxing Day which was so cool and everyone back home were so jealous of my pictures of snow everywhere.
We don’t really have that many Christmas traditions. At the beginning of December we will get our Christmas tree and decorate it and me and my mum will listen to Christmas music the whole month (whole post dedicated to that coming soon.)
Ellie xoxo

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