Welcome to Blogmas #1

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. By far. I used to not be sure but now I realise I would 100% pick Christmas over my birthday. I’m not going to talk about it too much because you’ve got another 23 posts to read with me rambling on about Christmas.
Today I thought I would just talk about Blogmas. By the time you’re reading I have probably already written most or all of the posts (so I can still have festive fun with friends and family and post every day) but there are just going to be lots of exciting Christmas posts. Makeup looks, outfits, gift ideas and so many more posts, as well as chatty posts where I just ramble about life.
The posts will be going up at 6pm every day in December (unless there is a problem) and I’m just very excited to share my festiveness.
I will also be doing vlogmas on my snapchat which is elliesvloggs so you can add that too if you would like.
Hope you’re excited for Blogmas!
Ellie xoxo

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