Hello everyone,
More of a quick chatty post today. I’ve been super busy this week and every minute I’ve had to write blog posts, I’ve been writing posts for Blogmas.

But today I thought I would just let you guys know something. I was thinking about doing Vlogmas but I don’t think I would be reliable enough to actually post them every day and I feel like it would be quite boring so instead I came up with the idea of doing Vlogmas on snapchat.

So if you want to add me on snapchat, my new vlogging snapchat is elliesvloggs (yes it has two Gs because one was taken).

I might vlog every odd day this month but then I will be vlogging on there every day in December up to Christmas. I may also carry on through more of December and then have random vlogs going up on therr next year too.

Two of my friends have also jumped on the band wagon (which I actually came up with wow) so if you want to add their snapchats they will also be attempting to vlog. andlaurenanne and ambsvlogs.

My phone keyboard is being really weird but I’ve rambled on enough so sorry this wasn’t a proper beauty post but hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to write posts and there will be a good post on Tuesday (and maybe even Sunday if I can).

Ellie xoxo


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