Seventeen Complete Collection ♡

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. But I most of all just want to say this is a very long picture full rambly review post so if you aren’t interested in this product, reading this will be a complete waste of your time. This post is more for people if they are looking up this product and thinking about buying it for themselves or someone else and want a review of it. Sorry all, love ya.

You’ve probably heard mentioned (in some of my other blog posts) this Seventeen set or products from it, and since it’s coming up to Christmas (it’s only 50 days away I’m allowed to be excited), I thought this would be a good post to write. Seventeen are actually bringing this out again this Christmas – I got mine almost two years ago now (I should probably get rid of it for being old but I love it too much) – and obviously it is different but it contains a lot of the same products and is the same price so I think my opinions will still be valid.

This is going to be a long post as I have lots to talk about and I want to include swatches so grab a cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate, whatever might be your preference, and get reading.

Here is a picture of this years Complete Collection from Seventeen:

Okay, let’s get started. So the packaging is cute. Mine has (for some stupid reason) had a fight with some scissors, but let’s not talk about that. The front has pictures of models wearing some of the makeup, as well as the name and some pretty metallic gold details. It’s very compact packaging although it’s not something you would bring instead of a makeup bag, and it has basically most of what you would need to do your makeup and a lot more. On the back it tells you exactly what is inside and what 17 products they come from (although some are exclusive to the set).

So we’ll start off with the palette part of this set. In my version there is a string you can pull and the palette comes out of the box, you can take it out completely which is useful because it means you don’t have to hold the whole box up when you’re doing your makeup. It includes 12 eyeshadows, ranging from pinks to nudes to browns and taupes, five lip products,  I would call the, either a pigmented lipgloss or a liquid lipstick and there are two nudes, a your lips but better light pink, and two bolder pinks. You also get a blusher and a bronzer.

Let’s start with the bottom and work up. The bronzer is technically a blush and highlight as well, if you want to use them separately, but if you swirl them all together it creates a bronzer colour which is quite orange toned and glittery which isn’t exactly my cup of tea but it is pigmented and does last a long time. Then there’s the blusher which is a nice rosey pink but isn’t overly pigmented although with a blush that can be a good thing. 

Eyeshadows. These are in my top three things in this palette. I don’t use them that that much because it’s just a bit of a faff to get the set out but they are very pigmented (although the darker ones seem more pigmented than the lighter ones) and blend nicely into the eyes. They feel very creamy when you put them on your eyes and like they will last a long time – I can’t say exactly but I reckon they would last for at least the school day without any touch ups. I love all the colours but one thing that would make them better is if they were waterproof but we can’t all get what we want.

Lastly before we go into the other section of this set is the lip products. I don’t know exactly what I would describe them as, but the box calls them lip glosses. They give off a lot of colour and when I swatch them they feel quite sticky but on the lips they don’t feel sticky at all, or drying for that matter. The problem with them being a lipgloss is they are going to budge when you eat and drink but they do seem to dry onto your lips so they shouldn’t budge too much.

Right now let’s talk about the other section of this set, it includes 5 brushes, a pencil sharpener, eyelash curlers, primer, metallic cream, gel eyeliner and (it did have) nude and black eyeliners and a limited edition mascara. 

The Photo Flawless Skin Primer is alright, I haven’t noticed much difference when I use this and it’s a clear siliconey texture which I find quite waxy so I’m not too keen on it. The Metallic Cream, however, is one of the stars. One of the tips in the box says ‘Use the Metallic Cream highlighter on your cheek bones for defintion. This multi purpose must have can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips!’ Its a gorgeous peachy pink champagne colour with gold shimmer going through it, I tend to mainly use it on my eyes as a cream eyeshadow and a base for smokey eyes, which looks perfect in spring in summer. You could also use it as a lip product if you have very pale or darker skin, although on me personally it looks a bit odd as I am pale and have quite red skin. It is also a great highlighter if you want a more pinky toned highlight. The Smoulder Gel Eyeliner is okay, it’s nothing special really as it’s quite dry and is also more of a grey than a black although it would be great for a smokey eye.

I said it did have two eyeliners and a mascara which were probably my most used products other than the brushes, and they were VERY good but as I loved them so much I actually lost them. I still don’t know where, it’s really annoying. The pencils came in a nudey gold and a black and they were very creamy and blendable but still long lasting and the mascara was very good for long fluttery eyelashes, although they could have changed the formula, I’m not sure.
The eyelash curlers look weird compared to most eyelash curlers but they actually do curl your lashes well and the pencil sharpener is fine, it’s just a standard pencil sharpener, nothing special. But. These brushes. So amazing. One of them was in my favourites the other day and they are so soft and put your makeup on so well for such a good price. There is one lip brush, three eye brushes – my favourite is a fluffy brush perfect for packing on eyeshadow and blending it out, an angled brush and a crease brush – and a cheek brush which is perfect for blush.
I also want to add I just did all the swatches for this post and after scrubbing and scrubbing, I realised that the gel eyeliner and the darker lip glosses are so so so long lasting and even waterproof, so I am stuck with a black swatch on my hand and a red tinted wrist. Even using makeup remover and face wash, they would not come off, although that could be annoying taking your makeup off I suppose.
And there you go. The whole Seventeen Complete Collection. It is a huge set for a very good price and most of the products are amazing. If you love makeup, or know someone that does, this would be a perfect present for you or a friend or family member.
Ellie xoxo
*Reading through this, I see it looks like Seventeen have sponsored me. Nope that hasn’t happened. All opinions are my own, I just really love this set.

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