The Tartan Scarf ♡

(I tried and failed to do that cute tumblr thing where you take a picture of you throwing leaves in the air well done ellie)

For me, one of my most important autumn staples is a tartan scarf. It keeps you warm, but also adds a lot to an outfit. The colours of the scarf really bring some colour to your outfit and it also really brings an outfit together. My scarf is a bright reddy orange, navy and dark green pattern, although the red and navy together make a burgundy as well. The colours are so autumnal yet they go with every outfit. You can wear a scarf with an oversized jumper and jeans, a dress, a cute top with a skirt and tights, or anything. 100% a staple in my books. If you don’t have one, go out and get yourself a tartan scarf. You won’t regret it.

This is quite a different post to my normal ones but when I was doing more fashion and style posts I loved it so I wanted to do some more. I want to apologise for the really bad quality of the pictures – I was thinking about just not posting this but I really liked writing and taking pictures for this. I don’t know why the quality is so so so bad, maybe it was the light or maybe I just need to get a camera. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post, see you next post…
Ellie xoxo

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