Random Life Chat ♡

Hello lovely blog readers,

Bit more of a random chatty post today. If you dont like people ranting on about life and things they are obsessed with you might want to skip this post. I have had loads of time yet I’ve been so busy and havent had time to write a proper post but (no promises but) I will try to write and post a proper beauty tomorrow as I don’t think I’m doing anything tomorrow.

Anyways what else do I have to say? I’m currently catching up my YouTube subscriptions and its pretty late already but I just washed my hair.

Today was my first day back at school. I’ve been in Spain for eight weeks so I missed the first term. If you know what 20 questions is, today was like that but 10 times over by lots of different people, teachers and people in my year.

I got into the main part of my school, where loads of people in my year hang out, by my form room and everyone came over to me and started asking why I was there, that they thought I had moved, why wasn’t I tanned (that is a big problem why am I not tanned 😦 ) and so many questions then me and my friend went up to where all our closest friends were and they all shouted ELLIE! So there was a lot of attention but to be honest I was really hyper and I’m no way a shy person so I just couldn’t stop laughing.

I do wish I could have more sleep because oh god its so hard to get up early for school but I’m glad to be back with my friends.

I’m getting a bit too festive already but it is November now so that’s my excuse.

Wow I can type a lot very quickly so sorry if that was really boring.

Ellie xoxo


4 thoughts on “Random Life Chat ♡

  1. Awh, this comment really warmed my heart. Thank you so much, it honestly means so much and I can tell just from this comment you are such an amazing, positive person and I hope you've had a great day x


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