Halloween Nail Art Ideas ♡

 I do like Halloween, I’m just a lot more a Christmas person, so that’s why there haven’t been many Halloween posts. But I have one for you today.

So today I’m going to be showing you a couple of easy nail art (I say that but they are so easy and quick they are hardly nail art) ideas for Halloween. These would be great if you were going to a party and just wanted something to make you look a little halloweeny, or would basically go with most looks if you were dressing up.
I decided it would be a whole lot easier to show you all how to do it using fake nails but you can do it straight onto your nails if you want.

Idea 1 – Gravestone Nails
So the first idea is gravestone nails. It’s pretty simple.

1. Paint your whole nail a silver or grey colour, I’ve gone for a metallic silver. Do as many coats as you think you need.
2. Make sure the base is completely dry (you can use a top coat if you want).
3. Take a nail art pen and get drawing using the freehand part. If you don’t have a nail art pen, or don’t have the right colour pen, you can dip a cocktail stick a tiny bit into the colour you want and use that.
With the pen you just want to draw out the letters R I P. If you want you can also add extra little details but that is how easy it is.

Idea 2 – Creepy Triangles
I don’t really know how to describe this one but you can see from the pictures. It is just a creepy looking triangle design.

1. Paint your nails any dark colour. I chose a dark red but it’s really up to you, black would look great too.
2. Take the thicker line applicator (if your nail art pen has one, I used a Wah London one) and draw a triangle from the bottom left and right corners to the middle of the top.
Those were two really quick and easy nail art designs perfect for Halloween. I hope you enjoyed this rambly post and that your excited for Halloween.
Ellie xoxo

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