Autumn Pamper Evening ♡

Autumn…pamper evenings. Pamper evenings are one of my favourite parts of autumn so today be and Emma thought we would continue with our autumn series and talk about our autumn pamper evenings. Like always, all her links will be at the bottom of this post.
I’m going to keep this quite casual and just chat through with a few pictures.
Before I properly start my pamper evening there are a few things I love to do in autumn. Autumn leaves are beautiful. Autumn is beautiful. So in autumn I love going on little walks, whether that’s down some cute little lanes or into the woods. I also love taking pictures of autumn so I might go into my garden and take some pictures of the leaves and things like that.
The first thing I would do on a pamper evening is to put on some music. I’m sure you can guess what music I am always listening to at the minute and yes, it’s still Troye Sivan’s WILD. After that I will just sit on my phone for a good fifteen or twenty minutes and then go into the bathroom and run the bath.
Then I will pick what products I want to use (it is usually Lush and Zoella Beauty, also I love lighting candles) run my bath, put them in and get into my warm bath and lay there and just relax for a while, whilst watching YouTube.
Whilst I’m in the bath I will wash my body with the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry Shower Gel (surprise surprise) and scrub any dead skin off my skin using a body scrub (I don’t even know what one I’m using at the moment) and lay back for a few more minutes before getting out and moisturising my body with the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter (favourite thing ever).
Once I’m out and dry, I will put some pyjamas on then do my skincare – you can read my skincare routine if you want to know the exact products but it literally hasn’t changed.
(mountains and a cat this picture is great)
After that, I will most likely just read. I am not a big reader but at the moment I’m reading Divergent. I literally just finished it about two minutes ago and it was just INCREDIBLE. Then it’s movie and snack time, so I will grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate (magic stars hot chocolate is the champion) and some kind of food, most likely chocolate, and and snuggle with a blanket on my sofa watching whatever movie I pick and then eventually fall asleep.
And that is literally it. It’s simple but I don’t like to do too much as doing less is more relaxing.
What do you do on a pamper evening?
Ellie xoxo

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