Autumn Fashion Roundup ♡

I love autumn. But you know that, because I’m always going on about that. But one reason why I love autumn is the fashion. At some point, in autumn I will be doing a look book kind of post, but for now I thought I would browse the wonderful world of online shopping and find some clothes which I personally think are perfect for autumn and what’s in fashion right now. This is also a part of me and Emma’s autumn series so I will of course out her links at the bottom and she is doing an autumn fashion post too but I think she is doing a look book.

New Look

Scarves, to me, are a must in autumn. They keep you warm, look beautiful and really bring an outfit together. This one is a classic red plaid print. I am definitely going to pick this up (although honestly I want to pick up every piece in this post, otherwise they wouldn’t be included).
I know a lot of people love wearing black leggings in autumn, but you could add something extra to your outfit by wearing a pair of patterned leggings instead.
I’ve seen a lot of people, on YouTube and out and about, wearing this colour recently. It’s called Rust and that name makes it sound like it would be a gross colour, but it really isn’t.
Jumpers are the ultimate autumn staple.
I am honestly in love with this jumper and this, the scarf and one other thing, are top of my autumn wishlist. I love the design and the colour just screams autumn.
This is the other thing that’s at the top of my autumn wishlist. They are very on trend right now and they are just a staple that go with everything and look amazing, so I definitely recommend you pick some up.
High necks are a world I’ve never explored, but a very popular world, and this top just looks very classic with the stripes and high neck.

Every youtuber has been putting this in their autumn hauls (and trust me, I’ve watched probably every one on YouTube) and it is just a gorgeous denim jacket with a fur lining. How can you not be in love with this?

Little cardigans like this are perfect for layering. And khaki is such a beautiful autumnal colour.
I’ve kind of fallen in love with this dress. The pattern is so different and I love how the high neck and three quarter length sleeves work together. This would look perfect with some black tights and a pair of booties.
I could go on about autumn fashion all day, but I think I’ll leave it there. I hope you enjoyed this post, it was different to my normal posts but I really enjoyed writing it. If you want the links to any of these items, just comment or contact me and I will give it to you. I hope this inspired you to adventure with clothing a bit more or if it just made you want to go shopping, sorry!
Do you prefer autumn fashion or summer fashion?
Ellie xoxo

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