Autumn Essentials | Berries, Baths & Bonfires ♡

I love autumn. A lot. So I am so excited to start my autumn posts. All my autumn posts will be part of the Baths, Berries & Bonfires series me and Emma are doing. We will be posting an autumn themed blog post every Friday and she has an amazing blog so I will link her social media at the bottom. We thought what better way to start our autumn series than to talk about our autumn essentials.
I’m only going to be talking about beauty and also some fashiony essentials in this post because I don’t want it to be too long. Let’s go.

Rimmel 9 In 1 Radiance BB Cream
I don’t know what to say. Um. Basically. BB cream doesn’t have too much coverage so it just perfects your skin and evens out any redness and can cover blemishes without looking like you have a thick layer of foundation on, because in autumn its a bit too cold (really don’t know what I’m talking about!). I also love using this as a concealer under my eyes.

Benefit High Beam
If you think of highlighting you probably think of summer, right? Me too, but I think it’s nice to highlight in the autumn and winter too and this is great. It’s liquid and it sets really well on the face as well as just adding a nice little glow.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette

Autumn eye looks consist of mostly bronze, bronze and what was the other one – bronze! It doesn’t have to be this palette in particular but I think a bronzey toned palette is an essential for autumn and this one is only £4 (I recently posted a review of this so be sure to check that out if your interested in buying it).

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner
What goes well with bronzey eyeshadows? Winged eyeliner. And this eyeliner is so black, glides on so well and stays on forever.

Clarins Satin Finish Lipstick – Woodrose
As well as that, dark lips are perfect for autumn and this lipstick is a gorgeous dark rosey berry kind of colour. It’s not too dark but it is very autumnal and it is very creamy but pigmented so it stays on all day, although you do have to touch up if you eat or drink.

Revolution Nail Polish

This doesn’t have a colour name but it is a gorgeous dark purple which I feel like suits all skin tones as well as looking very quirky and cute. Obviously it’s a dark colour so it’s perfect for fall and it comes out seriously opaque and lasts a very long time. Obviously an essential for autumn, although I would definitely recommend using a base coat before you use dark colours as they tend to stain your nails.
Cosy Jumpers
To me when I think of autumn I think of big oversized cosy jumpers as they are so warm and fluffy and look really nice, so you can be warm, comfy and looking like you’ve put effort into your outfit.
Scarves & Beanies
To keep you warm, and look cute, I love big scarfs and beanies as they look very autumnal and are just a must.
What are your autumn essentials?

Ellie xoxo

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