Obsessions & Disappointments ♡

There are two things which I have been looking forward to for AGES. Now they are both here I decided I should do a post talking about my opinions on both.

Let’s start with the disappointment…

So, as you probably know from my August Favourites, I was reading Paper Towns by John Green. I finished it yesterday and I absolutely LOVED it. In the evening, I went to a Spanish cinema and we saw the film. In my favourites I said I was really excited to see the film but I am honestly so disappointed.

Right. Where do I start. They changed the ending COMPLETELY. I won’t give any spoilers but the ending in the book made a lot more sense. They changed the whole timeline of the story and I feel like they really just rushed it. Also, they changed parts and missed important details and things that made it special.

I absolutely love the book but the film just didn’t do it for me. I was especially disappointed as I had loved The Fault In Our Stars so much but this didn’t live up to it. I’m sorry if you liked it but personally, I didn’t and everyone has different opinions, that’s okay.

Onto the obsession…

Just like Paper Towns, I was looking forward to this thing so much. And I wasn’t disappointed. WILD by Troye Sivan. It’s incredible. I loved TRXYE so I was so excited to listen to his new album and I love it more than anything.

I have listened to the album through now at least 15 times, because although it only has six songs, they are all amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of them. I can’t even pick a favourite, it used to be Wild and The Quiet when I first listened to them but the rest have grown on me and now I love them all equally.

Troye’s voice is BEAUTIFUL. And it’s not just me who thinks that, the amazing Taylor Swift thinks that too. I was not disappointed with this, I am obsessed. And I will carry on being obsessed. Probably forever. You bet you will be seeing this in my September favourites if I do one.

Two opposites. I was looking forward to both, but only one was worth the excitement.

Also, another chatty not beauty post! I know! I’m thinking of changing my blog name (URL) as although I still love makeup and beauty and will continue blogging about them, that isn’t all my blog is about and also its just a mouthful at the moment, so if you have any names you think would suit my blog please let me know as I’m currently brainstorming names.

Have you seen/listened to either of these?

Ellie xoxo


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