A Day In Spain ♡

When I woke up this morning, I was sure today was a staying in on my electronics day, but my mum reminded me I need to make the most of being in Spain, so we decided to go out to this park place where there are normally peacocks but they weren’t there today (sad times). We basically just stayed in and watched telly in the morning. I took a lot of pictures (all on my iPad mini) so I decided to pick some of the nicer ones and put them in a blog post as it is a beautiful place.
We had to walk up a lot of steps (this wasn’t even all of them) but it was worth it when we got there!

The entrance to the place.

This picture makes it look like it was horrible weather – it was so warm, it wasn’t as sunny as the past days but it was still quite humid.

There were loads of palm trees there, why can’t we have them in England!

There was a wedding here that they were setting up for, what a great place to have a wedding.

Then we finished off with an ice cream from our favourite place – I had Avellana (it was hazelnut as I wanted to try something different) and Straciatella (my staple, it’s basically chocolate chip).
Then we’re about to go out for some tapas somewhere.
That’s it for this post, I hope you liked it, it was different to my normal posts but I can do more like it of you guys want.


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