A Note From The Sky ♡

You may remember a week or two ago I told you guys that I would be going to Spain (read this post if you are confused) and here I am, on an airplane (well, I was when I was writing this), half an hour from landing.

It doesn’t feel real. I honestly can’t believe this is happening. No more England for me.

I would only have a week left of holidays but Spanish school doesn’t start until later so I have extra time to settle in.

I will definitely be eating a lot of Spanish food, its so nice. I love tapas and chocolate and churros and paella and anything Spanish. Also there is an ice cream parlour in the town I will be living that makes AMAZING INCREDIBLE DELICIOUS ice cream. I want to have one when we land.

I will keep you guys updated on my Spanish life but I will still be doing beauty and fashion posts. I don’t think I will start my autumn posts until I get back home (half term) as its hard to get into the autumn spirit when its 30°C!

Let me know what kinds of posts you want to see from my blog and I will be sure to do them.

Ahhhh, were starting to go down! That’s it for this short chatty post, I’ve just been liking doing more chatty casual posts sometimes instead of just all beauty.

Before I go, just want to recommend two blogs to you guys:


I’m really close to both of them and just thought you should check out their blogs, Lauren was the first collab I ever did and we are still really good friends to this day, Amber just recently started but hers is awesome too! Their blogs are amazing and I’m sure you’ll love them!

They just did an announcement saying ’15 minutes to landing so I better go…’

What posts do you want me to do in the next month?

Ellie xoxo


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