Q&A #3 ♡

Well hello everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and…
I’m not Tyler Oakley, whoops! But it is time for another Q&A(or Slay) so lets just get on with the questions.
Favourite beauty product at the moment?
Hmmmm, welll, ummmmm…OOHH I am currently OBSESSED with the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner (this is prewtitten but anyways). It is so easy to use and so black and easy to remove but doesn’t slide off throughout the day. It’s incredible and I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner!
When do you go back to school?
So as I said this is prewritten but I’m going to change my post schedule and make sure this goes up before school starts. Anyway, if I was in England I would be starting school on the 7th of September but as I will be in Spain, Spanish school doesn’t start for about another week after.
How much makeup do you wear for school?
Not much, at all, I never have. I normally just wear a little bit of concealer, sometimes eyeliner, mascara and a lip product of some kind. We are allowed to wear makeup at school but I don’t want to put too much effort in and I don’t want to wear loads anyway so this works well for me.
What do you want to be when your older?
For the longest time I’ve wanted to be an actress, and yes, I still do. Whether that’s small parts in shows or films, or performing in musicals in the West End, anything where I get to act and perform makes me so so happy so to do that as a job would be my absolute dream. If that didn’t work out I would probably want to do something to do with makeup but to be honest, if I’m not an actress, I don’t know what I’ll be.
What was your favourite memory from when you are younger?
I honestly don’t remember when I was younger very well, for some annoying reason. I loved evenings in with my dada and brother, eating steak or prawns or something like that, watching The Simpsons and playing Mastermind or cards.
I also loved every summer when my cousin came to stay, and going to see Matilda with my mum and grandma was incredible! Got to be the best show I’ve ever seen! Also my memories with my two best friends from primary will always stick in my head. But I don’t really have many specific memories that I remember well.
TV or YouTube? Summer or Winter?
YouTube. 100%. That was easy. How could I survive without all my favourite youtubers and my weekly dose of Suggs. The next is a bit harder, as I love both, I love being outside, going to the beach, eating ice creams, and lounging in the sun, but I also love winter when you can snuggle up in blankets and have Lush baths and light fires and also winter is when Christmas happens and autumn is great too so I would have to say winter.
What is your wardrobe staple item?
Most probably my jeggings and my acid wash shorts. In most seasons, my jeggings from H&M last year, but in summer, its my favourite shorts from New Look.
Rimmel or Maybelline?
I have been asked this in all my Q&As for some reason but Maybelline all the way.
Go to Hairstyle?
I’m going to be honest, I don’t put that much effort in with my hair. I mean, obviously, I spend a while brushing it but other than that I tend to leave it down and just naturally straight most days. Occasionally I will plait my hair overnight after washing it and in the morning, I will take it out and most likely put it in a messy, high, curly ponytail. But yeah, that’s about it really. Although I love putting it in a side plait or in two plaits on both sides of my head.
That’s all the questions I’m going to answer in this post as I don’t want it to be too long. Sorry the answers were quite rambly but this was a chatty post and it was just me naturally saying what comes into my head.
Are there any questions you still want to ask me? Leave it in the comments and I will answer them for you.
Ellie xoxo

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