In Flight Essentials ♡

I’m going on a plane to Spain on Monday so I thought I would do a post about my In Flight Essentials, and basically whats in my carry on.

So my flight gets into Spain at 12 something (midday) their time so the sun should hopefully be glaring down at us when we get there, so these will definitely be needed at the end.

Like I said, it will be very sunny and also very hot, so weating leggings, I think I will melt. If I bring these in my carry on I can change into them near the end of the flight and not melt when I get there.

Planes can be quite hot and also I do sometimes get nose bleeds so makeup wipes & tissues are great for that. Also, I will go onto the plane without any makeup on and I will put some on near the end so before I put it on I find it nice to just wipe any dirt or excess makeup from the day before off.

So as I said I will put some makeup on before I get off so I will probably take quite light but put together makeup like:
            -CREAM EYESHADOW

I’m reading Paper Towns at the moment and I can’t stop reading it. The flight is about two and a half hours so a book helps occupy the time.

Once I’m bored reading, I will most probably listen to music and either try and sleep, or just look at the view. It’s another thing to occupy my time and I love listening to music.

To use as a pillow, blanket and keep me warm, a hoodie is just an essential for an a plane.

When you are taking off and landing, it feels so weird so its nice to have some kind of sweet (gum doesn’t really do it for me in this situation) to chew whilst taking off as it stops it feeling so weird.

Some kind of spray, whether it’s a deodrant or a body spray, is a good idea to bring on a plane as you may feel quite sweaty and smelly by the end so you could go into the bathroom, get changed and have a little spritz of your spray.

Last, but not least, hand sanitizer is an essential, as there are a lot of germs on an airplane and if you are eating food if something, its a good idea to use some hand gel just to keep healthy and happy.

So they were my in flight essentials, I would have more if it was a longer flight, but its less than three hours so I don’t have that many. This was a different style of post to my normal posts, so let me know if you liked it.

What are your in flight essentials?

Ellie xoxo


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