Best Of Soap & Glory ♡

Soap and Glory is one stand I will run to whenever I go into boots. I have tried quite a lot of their body products but have only recently picked up some of their makeup, so I decided not to include it. But today I thought I would write a post all about Soap and Glory and do mini reviews of all the products I have tried from them.

Hand Maid

There is a lot of hype around the Bath and Body Works hand sanitisers but you can’t get them easily in the UK, so when I wanted a nice smelling hand sanitizer, I went to Soap & Glory and picked up their hand sanitizer – Hand Maid. This has a pretty similar scent to most S&G products and is great to be more hygienic if you want to eat or are in a busy place like a town or school.

Hand Food

Especially in the winter, I tend to get quite dry hands so I use this more in the winter but this really moisturises and refreshes your hands and dries quickly so you won’t be left with greasy, sticky hands that you can’t do anything with. This also has the gorgeous signature S&G scent.

The Righteous Butter
I have been using this so much this summer and it literally moisturises and hydrates your skin so well. It sinks into your skin quickly like Hand Food and smells amazing. I’m not allergic to this either which is surprising! Overall it’s just a great body butter.

Flake Away
Summer is when the shorts come out and if you aren’t prepared and you are anything like me, your legs will be the least soft thing ever which you may want them to be, so its very important to use a body scrub and this just gets rid of any dead skin cells and makes your skin a lot smoother and healthier. This scrub also smells incredible and gets your legs feeling amazing. Just realised I’ve been saying legs this whole time but that’s not the only place you should put it, your arms are important too.

Clean on Me
This is just a shower gel and it 1) smells like the rest of the range – ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and 2) really foams up and cleans well. These have a great texture as they aren’t too solid and jelly like but they aren’t too liquidy either. You can get minis of these for £2.50 at Boots so they are perfect for going on holiday and are just a great all round shower gel.

Calm One Calm All
A lot of people don’t realise this exists bit it is a bubble bath and it is actually really great. Again, it obviously smells amazing (I’m running out of words to praise the scent whoops!) It creates so many bubbles in the bath too and it is very soothing.

This product is one of my favourites. I use this so much because it has the Soap & Glory scent – which we’ve already established that I adore! – but in a body spray. It calls itself a Spray On Body Moisturising Mist, bit of a mouthful but it is basically like a moisturiser and body spray in one. I definitely recommend this.

I hope you guys enjoyed me ranting on about how good Soap & Glory products smell!
What is your favourite S&G product?
Ellie xoxo

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