PLL Get The Look – Aria ♡

So, as you probably know from all my posts, I am obsessed with a show called Pretty Little Liars, which if you don’t watch, you really should because it’s amazing!

Anyway, one of the characters called Aria has amazing outfits, so I thought I would do a get the look for her. This doesn’t have to be for her its just quite a nice look if your going out or if you want to wear a bit more makeup. I can do ones for other characters if you want me to. 
I found this in my drafts and realised I had never posted it so I have just edited it a bit and I thought it would be a cute thing to post. This is going to be quite chatty and not exactly a tutorial. Hope you all enjoy!

For the base, I would just pick a medium coverage foundation as Aria doesn’t look like she wears heavy foundation, she just has quite a natural base but her skin looks really flawless. Then make your brows quite defined as Aria always has quite a strong brow look. As you can tell from the pictures, Aria has some good cheek bone action going on, so you will want to use a bit of bronzer and some blusher and highlighter to create a naturally flushed look.

Onto the eyes, we are going to be recreating the look in the titles, which is a really nice bronzy eye. So I would first of all take a matte light brown eye shadow and put it all over the lid. Then, I just took a gold shimmery colour near the lash line and blend it up, and a darker brown in the crease and blend it down. Then, I took a liquid liner and did a thin line on my lash line and took a pencil liner on my outer waterline and smudged it out. Then I used a light shimmery highlight colour in the inner corners and applied some really good mascara to my top and bottom lashes.

So you just want some really loose waves. In the first season Aria has pink streaks in her hair but you don’t need to do this. Aria, in most of the episodes has her hair down and just natural a little bit wavy.

This is where Aria really becomes her character. You’ll notice she likes her belts and statement necklaces, and she likes to dress up, even for school.

I just picked this blue flowery dress as its quite similar to a dress Aria wore in season 4. I made it more her by adding some boots and a leather jacket.

I hope you enjoyed this get the look, if you want me to do more for different characters then let me know, they don’t have to be Pretty Little Liars ones.

Ellie xoxo


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