One Of Those Days ♡

So we all have those days. You may feel ill, self conscious, unhappy or all of them, but you don’t know why. You don’t want to leave the house, you get emotional over the tiniest things – its just a part of life and we all have those days.
There isn’t really any way of stopping these days, they’re inevitable. But there are ways of making yourself feel a little more happy and a bit better. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about today.
1. Talk to someone close to you.
Whether that be a parent, a relative or a friend there is always someone you can go to who loves you and will look out for you. You may think it is the worst thing to do but talking to someone is actually the best thing to do as keeping it all bottled up can end very badly, and its great to tell people what you are going through, they would never judge you.
2. Surround yourself with happy things.
Whether it be happy music, happy books, happy films or happy people, if you are not having the greatest time yourself, sad things will make it even worse and happy things will get you in the happy spirit and maybe make you a bit happier and stop your not-too-great mood.
3. Let it out.
If you can’t talk to someone, try writing your feelings down in a diary or journal. Or have a nice cry and just let you feelings out. This will actually make you feel a lot better to get your feelings off your chest.
4. Laugh or Smile.
It may seem hard but try and just smile. A smile is the best cosmetic and it can make you feel a hundred times better so however hard it is, it will be a good thing if you just smile. Laughing is even better, because the smile will stick. Just try.
5. Treat Yourself.
Whether it be with a nice bar of yummy chocolate or a warm bubbly bath, when you’re upset, eating your favourite food or watch your favourite movie can make you smile and a lot more happy.
So those were just five of my tips for trying to be a bit more happy on those sad days. I might make this into a bit of a series maybe I’m not sure?
What makes you smile on your down days? ♡
Ellie xoxo

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