My Festival Look – Makeup & Hair ♡

Summer is basically here, and that is when a lot of people start talking about festivals, which quite honestly scares me. If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to one but it does seem a lot of fun just horrible if the weather isn’t nice.
Today, I thought I would do a GRWM kind of post where I show you the makeup and hair I would have if I was to go to a festival.

So obviously if you are out in the outdoors in the sun (or rain) you will want your makeup to last a long time, so you probably will want to use a primer. I usually don’t have the effort but I think if you were going to be camping and standing around in a humid space then I wouldn’t miss this step.

Then concealer. Obviously, if you have good skin you might not need concealer, or any base products at all, but I think concealer is good for a natural look as you font want a full face of makeup if you are going to be spending the day outside. To set the concealer, I recommend powdering.

For eyes, you also don’t want to be too complicated so I think its good to use a cream eye-shadow, so I would recommend the Maybelline Colour Tattoos for that.

When I think of festivals I think of winged eyeliner so I would definitely do that if I was going to s festival. Then I just take the colour tattoo a tiny bit under my eyes on my waterline to darken the look up and finish off with mascara on my top and bottom lashes.

Lip wise I decided to use my MUA Tulip Lipstick and my Clarins Natural Lip Perfector on top for a natural nude lip.
If I hadn’t washed my hair that day, I would use some dry shampoo and just brush out my hair to get rid of any knots. I would then flip my head upside down and just take the top section of my hair and do a half up half down style. Then with the part I have tied up I will just do a normal plait through it and secure it. I then just mess it up a bit and that is all I will do for my hair – it just gets it out of my face and looks very cute too.
Have you ever been to a festival?
Ellie xoxo

One thought on “My Festival Look – Makeup & Hair ♡

  1. Loved this post! I've only ever been to one festival style event and this is the type of make up I wore. It started to rain half way through and it really added to the vibe, haha.


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